8 Brilliant and Effective Yoga Poses For Hair Growth

yoga poses for hair growth
Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

Nowadays if we don’t have anything at all, it’s undoubtedly the time. People all the time crib for they don’t get time for this or that but keeping the health and wellbeing in mind, we all need to live by a fitness routine.

With such a busy routine, we often tend to ignore our health and beauty care. And ultimately reach out for chemical-laden products to help us.

So why don’t we make a change and start doing something healthy and natural that will not only be beneficial for our body but will help maintain and improve our beauty as well?

In this article, we have stated a few yoga poses for hair growth, that is easy to perform and effective more than any remedy or product that you would use for external application.

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Let’s check out the 8 yoga poses for hair growth that will boost your hair growth naturally and help you get long and lustrous hair.

1. Sirsasana

SirsasanaImage Source: ytimg

For this exercise, you need to balance your body on your head with the support of your hands, as shown in the picture. It would be a little hard for the beginners, but with regular practice, you will learn to perform the asana effectively. This yoga pose for hair growth improves the blood circulation in your scalp, boosting hair growth.

2. Sarvangasana

SarvangasanaImage Source: thehouseofyoga

Balance your body on your shoulders while keeping your head and shoulders stick to the ground. This way, you will get support for your spine and get a good balance. Refer the picture above to achieve the pose effectively. This yoga pose for hair growth helps to improve the blood circulation in your scalp and also helps to prevent hair fall by nourishing your hair.

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3. Ustrasana

UstrasanaImage Source: yogachallenge

A simple yet effective yoga pose for hair growth. For this yoga pose, you need to kneel on the floor and pushing your upper body backward until your hands touch your ankles. Stay in this position for a few seconds while keeping steady breathing. And then exhale breath while coming back to the kneeling position. This yoga pose for hair growth is great for treating thin hair and breakage problems.

4. Pawanmuktasana

PawanmuktasanaImage Source: ytimg

This yoga pose for hair growth not only helps you get healthy and long hair but also improves your digestion as well. Lie on your back and then bring your knees to your chest in a hugging position. Breathe out while hugging your knees, and breath in while getting back in the original position.

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5. Vajrasana

VajrasanaImage Source: wholesomeayurveda

For this yoga pose, sit on your legs under your thighs with your hips resting on your heels and keep your back and spine straight. Place your hands on your thighs and relax while inhaling and exhaling deeply. This is one of the best yoga poses for hair growth, which also promotes blood circulation in your body and cures scalp infections as well.

6. Sasangasana

SasangasanaImage Source: tabatatimes

This yoga pose requires you to sit on the floor with your knees touching the ground. Now place your hands behind on your heels and start to bend towards the ground, with your head touching the floor. This will lift your hips up and then stay in this position for 5 seconds. Exhale deeply while you come back to the original position. This yoga pose for hair growth leaves you with healthy and shiny hair by improving the blood circulation in your scalp.

7. Bhujangasana

BhujangasanaImage Source: yoga

One of the many yoga poses for hair growth includes this asana. For this pose, lie down flat on your stomach and then place both your hands parallel to your shoulders on the floor. Now, while shifting all your body weight to your palms and elbow, lift your chest up from the floor and stay in this position for 25 seconds at least.

8. Pranayama

PranayamaImage Source: co

The simplest and the most effective yoga asana that you can do anytime and anywhere. Apart from eliminating stress, this yoga pose for hair growth also improves brain functioning, reduces stress, improves blood flow, and flushes out harmful toxins from your body. Sit with your back straight and take deep breaths from one nostril while covering the other. And exhale from the other nostril while you cover the first one. Repeat this 20-25 times at least.

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Apart from all these poses, there are a few things that you must keep in mind if you want healthy and long hair.

• Brush your hair gently and use wooden combs or brushes instead of plastic ones.
• Reduce stress as it causes hair loss and other health problems too.
• If possible, try using herbal or natural products for your hair.
• Give your hair essential nutrition with a regular massage of coconut or castor oil.
• At last, it is important that you consume a healthy diet, if you wish to have naturally healthy hair. Increase a healthy intake of zinc, iron, protein and vitamins in your diet.

So get ready to flaunt that amazingly beautiful and long-shiny hair with these tips and yoga poses for hair growth.