Nivea for Men Advanced Whitening Oil Control Face Wash (50gm) Review


Nivea for Men Advanced Whitening Oil Control Face Wash claims to wipe out excess oils and dirt from the skin and enhances the complexion. Its composition includes Vitamin care complex along with seaweed extracts. While the former deeply cleanses the skin, the latter controls oil production and reduces break outs. It thus helps avoid excess shine and maintain the oil balance in the skin. This face wash for men also improves skin texture and enhances its tone. face wash for men Price Comparison When I bought this product, it cost me Rs 95/- for 50 gm and 100 gms for 180?- INR. My Experience Face washes always seemed like a girlish thing to me! Despite the fact, I made it a point to keep those away from these products. That’s a long time before I made Nivea for Men Advanced Whitening Oil Control Face Wash  a part of my daily routine. Obviously I did not get this one on the first go. I tried a lot of face washes and most of them did not quite please me. Some of those even irritated my skin. After rejecting a whole list of almost ten brand, I finally got this one. I have some really good reasons to continue using Nivea face wash. Firstly, it takes care of my oily skin woes. Keeping skin moist, soft and shine-free for a long time, this face wash definitely deserves to stay in my cupboard. It has a  deep cleansing action and wipes off the impurities from the skin. Its enticing fragrance adds one more point to its advantages. Besides all this, this face wash can help in skin whitening as well. Having used Nivea face wash for a long time, I have noticed a significant change in my skin tone.

I am pretty much pleased with Nivea face wash for men. I suggested the same to a lot of friends. I  haven’t got any bad responses yet, so probably its working for all of them!


What I Liked About the Product?

  1. It has a pleasing fragrance
  2. Its texture is smooth
  3. Compactly packed, and thus can be carried around easily
  4. It does not irritate my skin

What I Didn’t Like about the Product?

  1. Quantity is small
  2. Not very effective for acne prone skin
  3. Freshness does not last as long as expected
  4. Cost is somewhat high, corresponding to the quantity

Rating Out of 5:

  1. Product: 3
  2. Texture: 3
  3. Ease of Application: 4
  4. Staying Power: 3
  5. Value for Money: 3
  6. Satisfaction Levels: 3

To sum it all up, this face wash satisfies me completely. I m quite used to it now and recommend it for others as well.

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