Not Ready for Marriage? Figure Out Why!!


Am I ready for marriage? This question occupies your mind from the time when you have achieved a lot in your career. Marriage is one of the most crucial decisions in life. You have to think a number of times before you actually want to get into a lifetime relationship with a person. In some cases, marriage is a meritorious issue. For some people, its prestige issue for the family.

Marriage is not just a relationship. It is a strong commitment of yours to share the problems, grievances and happiness of your life partner. Are you ready for it? That’s quite a tricky question.

The answer is yes for all those who are career-wise successful and craving for a lifetime companion and a no for all those youngsters who enjoy their bachelor life to the full.

These might be the reasons for a NO to marriage:

  • More concern for wedding than that for married life: You are very specific about the way your wedding should take place, not about the life after wedding. You want to hold a grand wedding ceremony, but never predict the future.
  • Lack of trust: Either you don’t trust your would-be life partner, or it’s the other way round. Anyway it keeps you away from the intention of getting married.

  • My way or the highway: You think marriage is going to affect your lifestyle and you certainly don’t want it too. You want to do things in your own way no matter what happens.
  • Your personalities differ from each other: You and your would-be life partner have a different ways of representing yourselves. Your values, interests and behavior are not alike.

  • You don’t want to follow the tradition: You don’t think you should get married just because others, probably your elder brother or sister, did the same. You don’t want to join the club.
  • Lack of sexual attraction: You don’t think that you will be comfortable with your would-be partner on the bed. You’re looking for sexual passion, not true love.

  • Drinking or smoking habits: You’re struggling to fight an addiction to drinking, smoking or drugs. You’re not fit for a married life yet.

 Marriage is not a two-minute noodle that you can simply cook and eat. It’s a mixture of love, commitment, restriction and monetary issues. Everybody has his or her own reasons to accept it or deny it.


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