Nude Makeup Look To Try This Monsoon


Monsoon might be the best season for a lot of things but it is not the perfect season when it comes to very heavy and bright makeup looks. The humidity and the sudden downpours are enough to smudge and cake up your makeup. The best makeup look for monsoons would be a nude makeup one. Also, make sure to use as many waterproof makeup products as possible.

Below we have mentioned the step by step guide to achieving the perfect nude makeup look for the monsoon.

1. Since we are creating this makeup look keeping in mind the monsoons, one product which you cannot skip is a face primer. The face primer will not only help your makeup last all day without smudging and budging but it will also act as a barrier between your skin and the makeup. So with clean fingers apply the face primer all over your face, focussing mainly on your t-zone.

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Nude Makeup 1Image Source: cdnds

2. Skip the foundation and use a bb cream instead. The bb cream is very light weight as compared to the foundations and it gives the right kind of coverage too. For covering up your scars and marks you can use a concealer but let the rest of your face to look fresh.

Nude Makeup 2Image Source: egarden

3. Set your foundation with a powder for making it even more long lasting and to avoid an oil face.

Nude Makeup 3Image Source: dermacolcosmetics

4. Now that your base is ready you can apply the rest of the makeup. Since the base makeup usually takes away the dimension from your face and makes it look flat. This is where the bronzer and blusher come in. Use a matte bronzer to add some dimension to your cheeks, chin and forehead. Use a natural looking blush to add some colour back to your skin.

Nude Makeup 4Image Source: bhcosmetics

5. For the eyes, stick to matte earthy tone eyeshadows. Make sure to prime your eyes first and then apply any eyeshadow. Apply a peach matte eyeshadow all over your lid as the base colour and then define your eye crease with a matte brown or taupe eyeshadow. Place a flesh-toned matte eyeshadow on your brow bone to add a subtle highlight.

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6. During monsoons, it is best to avoid using any eyeliner or kajal. Just tightline your lash line and apply 2 coats of your favourite waterproof mascara n your upper and lower lashes to seal the deal.

Nude Makeup 6Image Source: stylecraze

7. For the lips, avoid using very bold lip colours. Use a lipstick which is very close to your original lip colour. Line your lips with a matching lip liner and then fill in your lips. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Don’t use lip glosses during the monsoons as it looks very tacky and not so natural.

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