Points To Remember When Shopping For Wedding Sandals


When it is about your wedding, almost everything needs to be perfect, even your wedding sandals. Since you will be on your feet a majority of the time, your weddings sandals are one of those things you need to be extra careful about. Picking the wrong pair of shoes can make your wedding day a disaster for you. You definitely don’t want to end up feeling tired, sore and in pain during and after the wedding ceremony, do you? So in order to avoid any such inconvenience, there are a few things that you must keep in mind before purchasing your wedding sandals.

1. Choose comfort over style- When picking out sandals for your wedding day the first thing that you need to consider is your comfort. On your wedding day, you will be standing for a very long time. Along with that you will also be dressed up in a heavy outfit and jewellery and you definitely don’t want your feet to hurt neither you want to trip over something. Thus it is better to pick a sandal which has a steady heel and probably a nice cushioning to it. This way your feet will be well supported and you will feel more comfortable.

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2. Heel height- Heels which are too high should be avoided on your D-day. Heels higher than 4 inches are not advisable for the bride. Also, pencil heels and stilettoes are a big no-no as these are not meant to support your feet in a way to make you feel comfortable. wedges, block heels or platform heels would be a great choice for your wedding day. But at the end of the choice is yours.

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3. Keep in mind the height of your Would Be- This one is also very important. If your husband is taller than you then you can wear heels to match his height. But if you two are almost the same height then try to avoid wearing high heels as this will make you look taller than your husband.

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4. Consider the venue- If you are getting married in an open space such as a garden or farm house where the ground is not concrete based then you should go for block or wedge heels as thinner heels might get stuck in the ground. But if you are getting married in a closed space feel free to wear whatever heel shape you like.

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5. Fitting- Your comfort also depends on how well your sandal fits you. Your sandal should fit you like a glove. It should not be too tight or too loose. When you are in the store walk around in the sandals for a couple of minutes. If you think that the sandals are comfortable to walk in and your feet are not getting squeezed in the shoes, then you can purchase it.

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6. Do several trials before the wedding day- This is the pair of shoes you will be relying on your wedding day thus you need to get comfortable with it and built some chemistry. Wear your sandals and walk in them around your house. Walk in them every day and when the wedding day arrives you will be completely comfortable in the shoes.

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