Reduce Pimples in 5 Ways!! 7 Natural Remedies to Remove Acne Scars!!


The most outrageous thing about acne is that it punctures your self-esteem, by not scuttling out but aggravating on the bumps. But why leave at that, there is not just the bump pestering your serenity, but the itchiness, pain and redness too. One can still camouflage the bump, but the redness just refuses to remind you that you have got the PIMPLE!!

So what would one do to leverage his/her skin and level out not only the bump but was away the scarring tiny red patches? You may find a number of things that claim to reduce the redness, but what is the best cure shall not be unveiled but be me on this page.

Go through the rest of the article and douse your desperation to demean the red patches and steal back the flawless charm of your skin.

5 Tips to reduce Ickiness Acne!!

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Hurling below some of the simple and best home remedies to reduce redness of pimples-

  • Stay away from exposing to the harsh and scarring rays of the sun. It can trigger acute cases of redness and apart from tanning your skin and giving you those itchy burns.

  • Take fresh mint leaves and make a thick paste of these leaves. Apply it on the affected area and leave it over night. Wash it first thing in morning before someone gets scared away.

Take fresh mint leaves

  • You can take a stem of aloe vera, peel it and scoop out the gooey gel. This works wonders to sooth your irritated and itchy skin and thus the redness also is cleared away. Leave it overnight. But washing off in the morning is good for your skin even when this mask is not a psychological hazard for you near and dear ones.

  • You can simply let use cubes slide and float on the red acne ridden pimply areas of the skin. The chilling touch of the ice will sooth the inflammation and rid you off of the redness.

Ice cube

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  • There are many over the counter lotions and gels available in the market to let the redness curb down revealing your glowing skin. They however can be expensive and can also cause allergies if your skin is sensitive to any of the ingredients compounded in the solvent. So before trying pout any of the over the counter options, better go through the ingredient list and surrender to the product only if it satisfies your needs.


I am sure this will help get rid of the red patches on your skin. But what to do when the pimple leaves a mark on your face??Here is what you need-

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Effective and Natural Remedies to Remove Acne Scars Permanently in just 7 days-

Natural Remedies to Remove Acne 

  •  Aloevera Gel- Use it directly on your acne affected skin. It works really well for all types of skin pigmentation, scars and marks. For more info on Aloevera and its beauty benefits, you can check out this article I wrote a few days back.
  • Honey- Its a natural emollient and bleaching agent. It helps lighten scars and marks. In fact you can use it on acne to help your skin recover from the acne eruptions!
  • Mint- Inflammations is what mostly causes acne. And Mind is a cooling agent. No, dont plaster the leaves! Instead, make a paste and apply it on the skin. It will heal the acne and help lighten the marks.
  • Fenugreek or Methi- make a paste and apply on the skin. It really does help remove acne scars.
  • Lemon Juice- Lemon is a perfect home remedyto clean up any scars. In fact many people do use honey and lemon for beaching purposes.
  • Olive Oil- Oil… yeah! Its pretty good at making scars disappear and skin complexion lighter.

Does your skin loo Tired all the time??

In fact its true, all of the above scar removal tips that help reduce redness also help reduce acne scars. However, let me remind you, scars do not vanish overnight. Natural remedies are slow but satisfyingly effective.

Neutrogena Acne Wash

Be patient and persistent with your remedies. Use these tips and enjoy a flawless glow and a bump less smoothness. And Tell me if you found it useful… Waiting your response.

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