How to Remove Nail Polish Without Remover


For most of the people, chipping the nail polish is just like an itch that you just cannot stop scratching. When the beautiful color begins flaking, it brings a strong desire to get rid of irritating paint, if it means scratching the nails by removing away the rest of it. As you know, it is a horrible thing to do to with your nails, and would leave them looking scratched. The good news is that there are many effective healthier methods to remove nail polish without a remover that do not involve this type of nail trauma, so do not panic if you see an empty bottle of acetone.

1. Toothpaste 


You may not believe it, but you can brush your nails clean with any toothpaste. This powerful method of removing nail polish without any remover is simple and safe, and also will leave the nails with extra shine—smelling minty fresh. Soak the nails in some warm water for 5-10 minutes to soften them up, which makes removing the polish much easier. Now, take a toothbrush and squeeze some toothpaste, and brush the nails just like you do with your teeth. If you are a good tooth brusher, you can take it easy; however, make sure to get the toothpaste foamy when you scrub. Then, wash your hands with soap and slight warm water to have any sticky toothpaste feeling from of them, and get clean and freshly brushed nails.

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2. Nail polish


Removing the nail polish without a remover could be as easy as painting the nails in reverse method. A fresh coat of nail polish you would like to remove will soften it, melding the two polishes. When you wipe it with a cotton pad, the dried bottom layer would come off along with the topmost layer. You can do it easily with a top coat and clear polish, but it may work with any other nail polish—make sure that you wipe it before it starts to dry, or you do not use very fast-drying polish, and adding an extra layer to remove. You use fresh nail polish for this type of work.

3. Hair spray


Acetone is one the most effective nail polish removers, so it is the primary, ingredient in the most removers. But, if you know how these processes work, you will find that many household things may work for removing nail polish without a remover. Any household products with alcohol content will work as a solvent for nail polish, dissolving nail color and ingredients in the polish, which makes it easy to remove. If you are lacking a bottle of remover, then check the ingredients on the hair spray bottles. Most of these will have alcohol, so can dissolve the polish easily.

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4. Lemon and vinegar

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If you do not have remover handy, you may make your own fairly easily with vinegar and lemons. The acidity of citrus juice and vinegar will act as a natural solvent, instead of the alcohol used as most nail polish removers. Juice a lemon and mix the juice with some vinegar. You are not going to be consuming it or anything, so the proportions do not matter much. Mix it in a bowl and use a cotton pad to wipe off the nail polish. For stubborn polish, soak the fingers in slightly warm water to aid the process. You could soak your fingers in this mixture to help it dissolve more quickly. Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits for the skin.

5. Hand sanitizer


As mentioned earlier, all you need for an effective nail polish remover is a solvent, and alcohol-based household products would work fine for this purpose. Although hand sanitizer will not remove polish when you are rubbing it into the hands for sanitation, it can be used for removing the nail polish without a remover. Soak the fingers in warm water, and then scrub the polish with a cotton pad. If that does not remove nail color, use a cloth dipped in hand sanitizer—the extra texture could scrub off stubborn bits

6. Alcohol


Is there anything rubbing alcohol cannot do? That is because it is a concentrated alcohol; and so, can work as a solvent—what you want to look for while removing the nail polish without a remover. Though acetate and acetone are most effective solvents, using alcohol and other alcohol based elements would require a little extra work. Always soak the nails in slightly warm water for a couple of minutes, then use cotton ball and rubbing the alcohol to scrub off polish.

7. Hydrogen peroxide


You can find hydrogen peroxide in almost every household’s kitchen cabinets. Here is how you can use it. Take 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide and then mix with one part water. Soak the fingers in it and then use a nail filer to remove the polish.

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