Best Ways to Revive Your Everyday Wardrobe!!!


I love being stylish! Yes, I do! So much that I can’t resist the urge to shop and shop more. To tell you the truth my wardrobe needs a weekly update, without which I feel incomplete! Shopping at the end of the week is one of the top-most priorities on my to-do list. Call me crazy, but it’s this craziness that keeps me up with the latest fashion trends. And I’m sure all the women would agree with me on this. After all, who doesn’t want to be a fashion diva! Frequent shopping is the one of the most common guilty pleasures that almost every lady has. Keeping your wardrobe updated with the latest apparel and accessories increases the magical ways in which you can flaunt your femininity.

I am a fashion-junkie since a very young age. Ever since I was a kid, I used to bug my parents to get me a new dress every other day. Now that the daddy’s lil’ princess is all grown up, that trait has become more like an extension to my persona. I am fashion crazy, and I know it!

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One doesn’t have to go for big brands necessarily to stay with the trend. You just need to shop for the right things to keep making you look as charming as you covet to be! Speaking of which, 2013 has seen a fashion variety and class like never before. There is just so much to shop for! Before you hit the road and go shopping, here is what you need to look for in order to give your wardrobe a lift-up!

Bold and Beautiful

Bold and beautiful

Is the mantra of this season! With an exhilarating and generous number of designs in the market, you need to make sure you have your wardrobe full with as many printed and graphic dresses and clothes.

From geometrical designs to symmetrical swirls, floral prints to animal prints- there is just too much wide a variety one can possibly imagine!

One thing that you need to consider while flaunting your new prints is that you need to keep the accessories to a minimum so that your dress gets highlighted.


Vertical, horizontal or diagonal- any stripers are sure to set you apart from others. This season, it’s not just the traditional black & white stripes. Cherry, navy and grass green lines are the talk of the season. So make sure to lay your hands on any candy-striped dress that you can!

The All-New Retro Look

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The All-New Retro Look

This season has seen so much new and creative trends. One thing that isn’t new but has only got better is the retro look. Combined with the seasonal hit floral designs, this year the fashion industry has gifted us with a retro collection you don’t wanna miss. 

Broderie anglaise (or English embroidery) has never looked prettier. There are so many breathtaking designs; you won’t know which one to pick! Same is the story with appliqué embroidered designs.

You’ll see a very pleasant change in shift dresses too. The prints are so unconventional and pretty, and the hem has been made higher.


Have never been so beautiful, serene and uber-stylish at the same time. Layered dresses, fluid silhouettes with a draped effect and my personal favourite- the crisp and chic separates.

If you can, go for the designs of Prabal Gurung and Jill Stuart. You will fall in love with their creations instantly.

The Funky Fluorescents

NEONS are everywhere and you surely do need some in your wardrobe right now. Soft pink or loud lemon- choices are many! Pair with sheer blouses for a subtle effect or go for structural separates for more colorful touch. So go on and make the world brighter!

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts

Have a completely new avatar. These evergreen sexy and classy fashion pieces have evolved this year with such brilliant patterns and clashing colours that will mesmerize you!

A few must-haves you must consider buying this season:

Digital printed blouse

A digital printed blouse is an ultra-chic and trendy must-have for this season. Nothing could go better on a weekend outing than these modern-age printed blouses that are both comfy and stylish!

The Mono-tone look

The monochromatic look has become trendier and much wider than the traditional all-black or all-white. Add more colours and textures to your ensemble for a brighter and more interesting look.

The Racer Front

2013 is seeing a new and bold change in trend. The famous racer backs are now moving to the front. Yes! And you can find racer front dresses, tanks and tops in any market. Make sure to get at least one racer front dress for special occasions!

Flat Buckle Boots

Flat Buckle Boots

These lovely and cool pairs of boots add a touch of femininity to your look in a very comely way. They are as comfortable and practical as they are stylish.

Metallic Sneakers

metallic shades have always been in trend. But putting on a dress or jacket in such shade is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you still can’t resist the magic of metal, these sneakers are just for you. These are just unbelievably cool and trendy and go with just about anything.

Box Clutch

Now this is something you just can’t resist! These ravishing compact box clutches are one of the best things 2013 has offered us. Say goodbye to the old handbag and embrace these box clutches in style.

Chunky Necklace

A chunky piece of gold necklace is the best way to spice up your urban look. Pair up with a chic tee or deep-neck to bring out the best in you.

Bold Cuffs

bold cuffs

A cuff is the best way to flaunt feminine vibes. Keep other jewelry to a minimum so as to make these pretty cuffs standout!

Make sure you have got your hands on these lovely creations at the earliest, so that you can stay ahead in the fashion trend! For if you want to do it right, you better do it now!

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