Rice Water For Skin And Hair: How To Use It


As time passes, our lifestyle as well as schedule sees major changes. The actual outcomes are being observed as the increasing diseases in the recent times. People find little time to pay attention to their overall eating habit and lifestyle. But did you know that your poor lifestyle is the main reason for those skin and health-related problems?

Factors affecting the health of hair & skin

The result of our busy lifestyle is before us. The skin and skin related problems are thought to be rising in recent times. People are also finding themselves more affected with pimples, wrinkles, blemishes, etc. The bitter fact is that we’re a deficit of several nutrients due to the lack of time. And your nutrient-deficit systems respond to it in the form of hair and skin problems. The irony of this fact is that nowadays we depend more on high-end expensive products. Let me tell you, in case you use some good home remedies with those expensive beauty products, the effect would be magnified by a number of times. Also, those home remedies would also counteract the harmful side effects of chemical-0based products.

How rice water can benefit skin and hair?

Are you a rice lover? Only a few people admit this, but reality is that most people like rice! It is the staple food of many Indian households. However do you often throw away the rice water after cooking rice in it? I yes, you will be surprised to know that this water is very beneficial for your skin and hair. You will be very surprised to know these. People with digestive and oral problems are also fed with the rice water, we often all know that. But are you aware of the fact that this rice water has many hidden benefits for your hair and skin? It could add charms to beauty with consistent single use! So, let us know how rice water is a miracle for the skin and hair.

Rice water for the skin

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Rice water is loaded with several nutrients like vitamins, protein, and anti-oxidants that act as a toner for the skin. And it is the good news for people having pimple-prone skin. Also, rice water even eliminates the existing pimples. It is not less than a boon for the dry skin peeps. It also adds moisture to dry and dull skin and even prevents the premature ageing. It is an amazing natural skin firming agent.

How to use rice water

To make your rice water, soak some fresh rice in a bowl of water and then heat it on a very low flame for about half an hour. Strain this water and then let it cool for some time. Now, take the water and use it on your face by using a cotton swab. Next, massage it using the light circular motions. Then leave it for around 10 minutes on the face and also wash it with water. To your surprise, you feel the tightness in the skin.

Benefits of rice water for hair

The nutritious diet is the most important for effective hair growth, which is also provided by the rice water. Also, rice water is rich in vitamins as well as minerals that nourish your hair and facilitates its growth. Also, it contains inositol that is a kind of carbohydrates which even repair damaged hair. The amino acid present in rice water strengthens the hair strands and the roots, and also adds volume to the hair. Study has revealed that inositol goes deep in the strands after rinsing, so making the rice water a wonderful tonic for your hair.

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