10 Amazing Benefits of Rose Water for Beautiful Skin


Rose water is prepared by soaking rose petals in water for a course of time. Fortunately, a by-product obtained from the process of extracting rose oil can also be used in the place of rose water. There are a plenty benefits of using rose water, as it works as a miracle for the skin. It is very easily available in the market and it is also popular across Indian households. Doesn’t matter that you have dry, oily or combination skin, rose water should surely be added to your beauty regime. The usage of rosewater is known to be initiated in Egypt, when Cleopatra used the naturally obtaining products in her daily beauty care regime. It is a well known fact that rose water is great for skin as well as hair. Let’s check out 10 amazing beauty care and hair care uses of rose water.

1. Retains moisture of lips


Rose water is suitable for using on the lips. Lips are the softest and most attractive part of the face. Every girl wants to keep her lips pink. Application of rose water on the lips provides the moisture as well as it naturally provides pink color to lips and keeps them soft.

2. Tightens skin

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Due to effect and chemicals present in various beauty products, our skin starts to get wrinkles and appears loose. Rose water comes as the great help as it prevents the skin loosening and retains the tightness of skin.

3. Improves skin texture


Regular use of rose water enhances the skin texture. It provides softness to the skin and enhances the natural glow of the face. Daily exposure to the sun and pollution make the skin dull and increases skin related issues. It also enhances the pigmentation. Rose water is solution for all skin related issues.

4. Comforts eyes


Rose water is used to cure the redness of eyes due to any reason such as prolonged work on the computer or exposure to the pollution or dirt. Rose water also soothes the eyes from the irritation. When discomfort in the eyes, just soak a piece of cotton in the rose water and keep on the closed eyes for a while, it instantly provides relief.

5. Relieves sunburn

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Sunburns can be cured with the help of rose water. Rose water provides coolness to the burnt area so efficiently. Rose water is a very suitable remedy for the sunburn.

6. Alleviates puffiness


The puff bags under the eyes can be reduced with the help of rose water. Dark circles or puffiness makes our face look very dull and sick. Rose water is rich in anti inflammatory properties. Cooling properties relaxes the muscles and removes the puffiness effectively.

7. Hydrates skin


Rose water is a true blessing for the population with the dry skin. As the rose water is a natural product it hydrates the skin efficiently and refreshes the beauty.

8. Cleanses pores


Skin clogging is a very common problem nowadays. Dirt particles accumulate in the skin pores and causes blackheads and pimples. Cleansing your skin with rose water clears all the dirt from the face and helps in reducing the acnes.

9. Maintains pH level of skin


Due to use of cosmetics in everyday routine, the skin becomes harsh and insertion of chemicals disturbs the pH level of the skin. The accumulation of chemicals increases the acidity on the face which leads to various issues. Rose water removes the chemicals from the skin in order to retain the pH of skin.

10. Tones the skin


This is the most effective benefit of the rose water. Toning of the skin is very crucial step to remove the dirt from the skin pores. Rose water serves as the best skin toner. Soak the cotton ball in the rose water and dab the skin slowly. This step will nourish the skin properly.

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