7 Vows Of A Traditional Indian Wedding and its Meaning


Indian marriage and its various rituals have great significance and it is beautiful in every sense. It not only has a bride and groom but also countless guests and various traditional rituals that make this celebration more amazing. Apart from the celebrations and parties, the most exciting part of the Indian marriage is the Saat Phere or the seven vows have a great significance in the Indian marriage.

So, in this post, we have shared the meaning of each vow.

1. First vow

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The first vow is a prayer to the Lord for the blessing of nourishment. In this, the bride and groom pray the Lord to bless them with food and money so that they never fell short of it. And also bless them with all the things that will help them in leading a decent and respectful life. As the groom vows to work for the welfare of her partner and bride vows that she will equally take part in the responsibility to work towards their common goal.

2. Second vow

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In the second vow, the couple prays to Lord for the union of all aspects of their life, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. And they also pray for the strength so that they can protect and support each other in all phases of life.

3. Third vow

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As now the couple is entering into a new life the third vow is about wealth and prosperity. They pray for wealth not only for their physical well-being but for fulfilling the spiritual duty. They ask for blessing so that they can take proper care of their children like giving them proper education and fulfilling all their needs. And they also promise to be loyal towards each other both physically and spiritually.

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4. Fourth vow

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In the fourth vow, the couple takes both to benefit and strengthen their family members to maintain the family values. And the groom expresses his gratefulness towards her wife for completing his life and bringing happiness to his life. On the other hand, the bride promises to love him in every way possible.

5. Fifth vow

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In the fifth vow, the couple prays to Lord to bless their future children so that they can take the family name forward. And bless them to be good parents so that they can provide their kids a proper upbringing. Groom promises to always consider her partner as his best friend and bride promises to cherish and love their relationship.

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6. Sixth vow

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In the sixth vow, the couple asks Lord to bless them a life which healthy and disease free. They also pray to bless them with strength so that they can fulfil all their responsibilities towards their family and children. The couple also prays for balanced life for each other and with each other.

7. Seventh vow

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The seventh vow which is the last vow that locks this holy union in which the couple prays and others for companionship, love, trust. The couple promises that they will be friends for life and they will stand by each other through all the thick and thins. And this vow also indicates that the couple is united forever for everything in life.


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