Shaadi Special: Top 6 Tips That Will Make Your Mehendi Darker


Applying mehendi or henna is done occasionally during weddings and various festivals. Women are very particular about their mehendi designs and colour as they want it to be perfect for their D-Day and don’t want to go wrong with it.

Most of the women are more concerned about colour of the mehendi because of the certain myths associated with it like if your palms have dark mehendi color then it means that your partner will love you forever and if outer palms are then your mother- in-law will love you more. These are the few myths but still, it is believed by many Indian women.

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Applying mehendi on hands is not an easy task as it needs a lot of planning to get that perfect color and long-lasting design.

Here are the few tips that you can try at home to make your mehendi dark and beautiful:

1.To-do list before applying

To-do list before applyingImage Source: ytimg

To get a perfect dark mehendi colour you have to do certain things before applying it. So, here are few tips that you should follow before applying mehendi:

• If you are planning to wax or trim your hands then do it before applying henna because if you wax your hands after applying it then it makes the colour and design faded and will ruin your beautiful mehendi.
• Don’t wash your hands before applying henna. If you want to clean your hands in particular, just put some cleanser on a cotton ball and clean up your hands with that.
• Never apply mehendi on dirty hands.
• Before applying henna rub your palms against each other as it will make your hands warm and ready for application.

2.Let it dry

Let it dryImage Source: musely
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Most of the women lose patience while keeping wet mehendi on their hands for several minutes and wash off it quickly. But if you want a beautiful dark colour on your hands you need let it dry naturally to get the final colour.

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3.Apply lemon-sugar mixture

Apply lemon-sugar mixtureImage Source: ytimg

When your mehendi starts getting dry, start applying lemon- sugar mixture. It would be better if you warm the mixture little bit before applying it on your hands. This method is very effective in getting dark and beautiful henna hands.

4.Avoid using water

Avoid using waterImage Source: isabelsbeautyblog

During the drying process try to avoid going near water. To get perfect henna hands you need to stay away from water for 12 hours. Try to get some help from family. This will help you to a beautiful and dark mehendi.

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5.Clove Smoke

Clove SmokeImage Source: gyanherbal

This hack is the most common and old one. In this, you have to put your mehendi hands above clove smoke. For clove smoke, heat the pan and put some cloves on it. Keep your hands above the pan and allow the smoke to reach your dry mehendi hands. This trick will your henna hands dark naturally.


BalmsImage Source: makingskincare

This hack is not the popular one. In this hack, you have to apply the balms and ointments that you use when you have a headache and pain. But do you guys know it works like wonder for your mehendi colour. Try this one and get a beautiful henna hands.

So, try these were a few hacks that you can try and get beautiful mehendi hands. And don’t forget to share your experience.

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