Shape Up: Star’s Secret to Toning Up!!


So how are the celebs so toned? Do they have a magic wand? Or are they indulged in pills? Well, whatever they do…I am gonna tell you some of the most amazing tricks and tips to a toned you!! Yes ladies; trust me…you can be as slim & slender as Kim Kardashian!! Common, you would have to buy my point! Anyway just if you don’t believe this little friend of yours….take a look at these articles, I have collected some of the most efficient celeb approved workouts!! Read on…..

Did I say that getting skinnier is an easy cup of tea? It is never a walk or even a run to get the curves in the right places!

For That Coke Bottle Shape!!

Time you start accentuating your hips and bottoms and you need to focus on the upper and lower body for that feminine and curvy look! And you need to kill it at the gym. Squats, lunges, torso are top three exercises you should depend upon! So ladies; unleash your inner curvy girl!!

Almost a New Mommy!!

For all the new mommies in town, getting back to shape is the biggest desire! Ain’t it? A ten minute cardio and strength training can do wonders for you!!  Crunches, bicep curls, can prevent flabby thighs and hips. And the important part is to maintain a healthy and constant diet regimen is the key to a fitter body!!

Away From the Huffing and Puffing!!

All red and gross….messed up ponytails, sweaty shirts….which girl would like that? But do we really have any option other than that!! But it doesn’t mean you should avoid gyming and you cannot lose weight. Everyone likes to be toned when you are dating someone. Just run on the treadmill if you want to look your best.


Just like your Katie Holmes, grab your hubby (or may be that hot male cutie) to speed up your workout before hitting a local spinning class!! Indulging in early morning jogs and walks can make you slimmer and slender in no time.

So ladies, it’s time you indulge in the finest exercises to get that ultimate drool worthy figure!!

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