5 Signs Which Tell That You Are Skinny Fat


Skinny fat is a phenomenon which defines a person who doesn’t look obese or overweight but still be fat. Getting your cholesterol and blood pressure checked is the only way to know if a person is obese.

5 Signs of Skinny Fat

Below are the five signs to understand if a person is skinny fat or not:

Family History


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Had there been a history of blood sugar or diabetes due to obesity in any of the family members, it is likely that a person will inherit it. It might be possible that you are not yet fat but there are huge chances that you can always fall for diseases due to sugar, blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol.

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Unhealthy diet


Consuming unhealthy food regularly may make a person skinny fat. It occurs to you since you are fit, but the fat keeps getting stored, which enters inside the body and causes diseases linked to obesity. Skipping meals, Yo-yo dieting, and extreme cleanses is also a syndrome of Skinny Fat.

You are at increased at-risk population:


It means that a person lives in an area where these problems are pre-existing. Example, the South Asia population is at increased risk of getting inherited with these problems than those who stay in the north Asian regions. Genetics are also involved in how people can store fat but apart from it, culture also plays a huge role.

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Consume a muffin top


Your body shape tells if you can be inherited to obesity. If there is bulkiness in the tummy area or a small tier gets rising, which doesn’t mean that you are still fit? Fat around the middle stomach is worse fat than anywhere else.

You cannot do push-ups:


Those people who are suffering from obesity are generally incapable to do push-ups, which means one’s getting obese. People who are in good shape do not feel working out on a regular basis, which can store fat in the body. This slowly makes you obese. To remove this issue, you should exercise even if you perfectly look fit.

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