How Banana Is Beneficial For Having Healthy Skin?


Banana is a popular fruit as these are very easily available at all places. This fruit have great taste and also carries multiple benefits which make it the best fruit for great health, skin, and hair. So, it is good idea to include banana in beauty routine and have the amazing benefits of the fruit which is loaded with vitamin A, C, and B and potassium.

Skin benefits of banana

1. Moisturizes the skin


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Banana is the best food to have a nourished skin because it keeps skin hydrated. The fruit helps moisturize your dry skin, and you have a supple and soft skin. Vitamin A in the bananas helps restore skin’s moisture as well as smoothens rough texture by curing dry skin, according to skincare experts.

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2. Delays aging


Bananas are loaded with antioxidants and act as a natural Botox, keeping away wrinkles as well as fine lines that can make you look very dull. Add banana to your regular diet to have all benefits.

3. Treats acne


Bananas are much loaded with various nutrients such as vitamin A, zinc, and manganese that have anti-inflammatory features and also protect people from many skin diseases. Rubbing banana peel on face acts as a blemish banisher and also helps to cure acne.

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4. Controls excess oil


Banana is a super exfoliator, which drains off extra sebum on the surface of skin. It is loaded with the potassium as well as moisture which helps in hydrating dry skin, making the skin supple and soft.

5. Prevents dry skin


Some studies have revealed that banana can help have dry-free skin. This can be related to their potassium as well as vitamin B6 contents. Further research is required to validate this point.

6. Offers sun protection


A face mask can’t replace a sunscreen, bananas also contain antioxidant which might increase the skin’s natural ability, preventing sun damage. Always make a practice to use the banana mask on a daily basis on the skin to protect the skin from harmful radiation.

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Banana face mask benefits


Topical application for banana depends on the fact that these have one of the crucial ingredients, silica, a relative of silicone. Some believe that silica could help increase in production of the collagen, a natural class of protein which help keep skin smooth as well as hydrated.

Bananas have many nutrients and some of them would help with the skin health. They include:

How to use a banana face mask?

The key ingredients in a banana face mask are ripe and mashed banana. Some individuals apply banana peel on the skin to get good results but it is not same technique as the banana face mask.

  • honey for too dry and oily skin
  • clay, to remove excess oil
  • small quantity of juice from oranges or lemons
  • properly crushed avocado, to help retain moisture
  • yogurt, for the soothing effect
  • turmeric powder, to reduce acne

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