Are Dried Dates Good For Your Health? Know The Benefits And Side Effects


Almost everyone loves eating dates, because of their gooey texture and sweet flavor. Dry fruit can be eaten at any time of the year; it is widely used in winters because of its nutritious value. These are very beneficial for summers since Muslim devotees eat dates during Ramzan. Its taste is unmatchable because of its nutrition.

Dried dates are dehydrated dates which look hard and shriveled. They are nutritious as dried dates require extra effort to be eaten this is why people avoid eating them.

Benefits of eating dried dates


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Following are the health benefits of eating dried dates.

Good for heart health


If a person is a heart patient or possesses high cholesterol, he can try dry dates. As mentioned above, the dried dates have a low fat content and they also do not have cholesterol which further boots heart health. Besides, they are effective in controlling LDL also known as bad cholesterol in the body. To boost heart health, dried dates contain low sodium and high potassium which manages blood pressure and prevents fluctuation of blood pressure.

Improves digestion


Another benefit of eating chuara is that it is good for digestion. It has anti-oxidative properties which boost digestive abilities and kickstart the metabolism. It is good for people who aims to lose their weight naturally. Another reason why the dry dates are beneficial for digestion is these are enriched with fibre (insoluble and soluble both) which allows proper absorption of food.

 Cons of dried dates


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Although there are many advantages to eating dates but one cannot ignore the potential risks which are linked to eating dates. Despite being rich in minerals, fibre and antioxidants, vitamins, there are few limitations that you should be knowing. Apart from the nutrients that a dried date has, they also contain harmful sulphites level. This is a naturally-occurring chemical present in foods that a lot of people are very sensitive to. Further, it may cause side-effects to them.



As mentioned above, people who are allergic to sulphites experience severe and allergic reactions. The common signs of an allergy are red skin, itchy, red & watery eyes, runny nose, eye sensitivity, etc. These vary from person to person but these allergies are experienced in minutes after eating dates.

High content of sugar


If we look upon the nutritional profile of dried dates, they are very high in sugar content when compared to other essential nutrients. Dates have natural sugar but the dehydrating or drying process makes them more sugary. Though it is not good for health, therefore diabetic people must eat dried dates carefully. It would be better if you eat dates rather than eating dried dates to turn away from blood sugar increase.

High Calories


Another disadvantage of dried dates is that it is very high in calories which are not good for weight loss aspirants. Therefore they should avoid dried dates.

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