Skin Brightening Techniques you Must Follow!!


The main problem always remains unsolved that is how to brighten up the skin! There are many ways (some are expensive and some under budget) that promise to get you a clear skin, but do they actually work? I dunno ad I always try and bring out some natural ways as they are sure not to harm my skin in any way. And if you too are one nature fan then check out the amazing ways on how you can brighten your skin easily that too without spending much in the salon or parlors.1-skin-brightening-techniques-you-must-follow

This is what you must keep in mind and follow:

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  • Exfoliate to Remove Dead Cells!!

This is the first beauty step that can instantly freshen up your face, why? Because scrubbing your skin ensures that you stay away from all dead skin cells and easily look beautiful. And the best thing, you can make your own scrub like mash some strawberries, or use gram flour with milk or rosewater. Believe me they work tremendously!


  • More Vitamin C!

Vitamin C can not only help you boost immunity but also make sure your skin stays glowing! So this is another reason to bring on some citrus stuff. You can also consult your doctor for vitamin C supplements. So brighten up your face and look better easily.

Oh yes this one is the best! All you need to do is apply some over your face by mixing wither with honey or some rosewater and tada, a younger and brighter skin is ready to shine at any party! For me, this is a real savor.


  • Good-bye Alcohol!

Keeping skin bright means that you need to keep it hydrated as well. And for that you need to avoid any dehydrating stuffs that you have like alcohol, caffeinated drinks and so on!

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  • Cleanse Twice a Day!

Yes, you need to also cleanse and wash your face twice so that you can manage the brightness over your face. So follow a healthy routine and stay beautiful and adorable.


These were my tips and if you have any suggestions then don’t forget to share. All the best! 

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