Skin cancer: Symptoms & Preventions


We are living in the capital of our country and it is a very painful cusp that pollution is getting a bigger problem day by day and we are the most polluted country in the world. At this time, the pollution level is rising at its peak in which smog has become a major cause behind many respiratory disorders in humans. Pollution not only affects our respiratory system but, it also creates a damaging layer on our skin. Regular exposure of our skin in the harmful air can lead to many skin problems like allergy, rashes and even skin cancer too. As we all know, our body consists of cancer cells, and they can be activated anytime. Skin cancer is a major concern and its increasing rate makes all of us conscious about the same. Harmful pollutants present in the environment like Arsenic, CFCs, CO and particulate matter leads to cancer.

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This is something that is very deadly, at times you don’t even get to know when this disease is pulping in you. Skin cancer can make you very weak from deep inside, there are actually various types of skin ailing instances that you can see in the early stage. Nowadays each and every individual is facing this problem due to carelessness and not taking care of small things like unhygienic habits. Well here I will tell you some of the very weird and spooky things about skin cancer that will make you very keen to know more about it.

Symptoms and Causes of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Symptoms

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  • Well, you will see a firm red nodule has formed on the skin be it on the cuticle or the other epidermal layers.
  • Continuous bleeding occurs due to the infection. This also persists if there is no as such precaution taken.
  • A mole can occur that has a changeable colour, irritation also takes place every time.
  • It is also named as “Melanoma” that is one of the most horrifying thing that is a part of skin disease.
  • A flat lesion with a scaly crusted surface. A dark lesion on your fingertips, palms, soles.
  • If melanoma is not exposed to sun it remains a bit better.

Some commonly diagnosed Skin Cancer

Kaposi Sarcoma

This normally happens when people have low immunity. This also ails in people who have already gone through organ transplant. I know it’s a very weird thing but it is true.

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Markel cell carcinoma

This normally occurs on the neck, head and the other follicles surrounding that. It’s a shiny material that is formed beneath the nail.

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Sebaceous Gland carcinoma

This uncommon cancer occurs mostly on the is painless and hard that does not have that much of effect on yourself but it eats up your skin slowly.

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Avoid your skin getting exposed to sun

As much as you expose your skin to sun you will get an adverse effect for sure, so it’s better that you wear some proper sunscreen.


This is one of the most important point that you should keep in mind. Like if you are having a dirty toe nail it is very difficult that it will get recovered, so you should always keep your nail clear

Take antibiotics

Antibiotics act very well for your wounds or any type of skin diseases which have taken a very different form. It can be a flat fleshy scar or a very bad rash on the upper layer of your skin. So you have to take a lot of care if you find out any such thing on your skin.

Wear protective clothing

A protective shield should be there if you want to save it from dust or pollution. Because these small things can cause a very deep irritation on and of your skin.

I hope you got a very clear idea of what is a skin disease actually, now you will surely have a broad perspective about it, it’s my personal suggestion; not to ignore such oddball inflammation. Go get a check-up from a good doctor, so that there is no such problem occurs further in your lifetime.

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