6 Smart Tips for Brides to Buy Wedding Footwear



Every bride-to-be plans everything is an advance for their wedding. Right from the wedding attire to jewelry, everything is finalized in advance. But, while planning, we often neglect an important part of the bridal look i.e. FOOTWEAR! So, in this article, we have shared some tips for brides to buy wedding footwear.

1. Comfort comes first

Comfort comes firstImage Source:  everafterguide

From the time you reach the wedding venue until you reach your new home your wedding shoes are going to be with you for the entire time. So, make sure your footwear is comfortable or you will have to tolerate some real pain.

2. Keep your outfit in mind

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Mostly, brides choose their outfit first and then decide their footwear. But the best option is to buy the footwear first and then decide the length of the outfit accordingly. And if you have embellished footwear, then you can go for an outfit which has less work at the bottom of the outfit.

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3. Opt for themed shoes

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Nowadays theme weddings are in a rage. And what can be better if you wear a footwear according to your wedding theme? You can also wear bold colors like blue, gold or dark red depending on your outfit. This is the best way to make a style statement.

4. Always keep a spare

Always keep a spareImage Source:  i.pinimg

Keeping a spare pair of footwear is a good option. If any mishaps happen, you can use these hacks or spare pair in emergency. This will also avoid chaos.

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5. Keep the venue in mind

Keep the venue in mindImage Source:  bp.blogspot

While buying a footwear, keep your wedding venue in mind. Like if you are having a wedding at a destination which is full of grass then you should opt for broad base heels in place of pencil heel. And if your destination is beach themed then opt for flat footwear.

6. Wear them beforehand

Wear them beforehandImage Source:  bizimages.withfloats
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Walking with new pair of footwear is quite difficult. So, try to wear your wedding footwear for few hours every day until your wedding day. This will help in avoiding shoe bites and it will also mould according to the shape of your feet.

So, these were the few tips for brides to buy wedding footwear.

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