Some Amazing Tips to Get-Well Shaped and Bigger Breasts


Looking perfectly beautiful is a dream of every woman. Media has portrayed a particular definition of a perfect body type. Women often try to look like the actresses they see on their TV screens. Though, they keep a lot of check on their eating habits for looking attractive but give up when it comes to the natural attributes of their body. Sometimes, they feel embarrassed due to a particular part of their body. There are some ladies whose breasts are not as big as they want. They suffer from low self-esteem due to this. They think they’ll not look good whatever they wear. To get rid of such woes, we’ve compiled the best of the home remedies to give the right shape and size to your breasts.

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1. Wear the bra that adds bulge to your breasts
Wear a padded bra, water bra, plunge bra and a push-up bra for adding size to your breasts. You can also use silicone bra to add volume to your boobs. These methods can make your boobs look bigger but they’ll not actually make them bigger.

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2. Wear bra with deeper necklines
If you want to make your breasts look bigger then choose a bra which enhances your breasts. Your attire plays a great role in making your boobs look bigger or smaller. Wear bras which have deeper necklines. Lace, hangings, embellishment, creases, etc. all these make your breast look bigger. They can make your breast look firm and

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3. Take some help from the makeup
You can make your breast with the help of makeup. To make your breasts look naturally bigger, you can use breast contouring tricks. But these methods are good only for special occasions.

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Home Remedies to Increase Breasts

The best method to make your breasts look bigger is to actually make them bigger. You can make use of some daily household items to enhance the size of your assets.

1. Household Chores
If you’ve noticed the women of older times, they have firm and bigger breasts than the women of our age. The main reason is that they used to do a lot of household chores. Use your hands to do the work instead of relying on the electronic appliances. This will act as an exercise for your chest muscles and help your boobs to grow naturally.

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2. Eat Healthy Fats
To keep your breasts firm, it is very important to eat fat loaded food items. You can consume milk, cream, butter and ghee to keep your breasts healthy.

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3. Radish
Radish is known to eliminate the toxins from our body. We all consume radish in the form of a salad. But we’re telling you that you can use this to increase your breasts as well. It boosts the blood circulation which is the primary reason for the increase of breasts.

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4. Red Lentils (Lal Masoor)
Red lentils are used for its cosmetic uses apart from culinary use. It is very economical and you can use to increase the size of your breasts naturally. Soak some red lentils in water for half an hour. Grind it to make a paste of it. Apply this paste on your breast and let it dry. Wash it with normal water.

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5. Eat lots of bananas
The nutritious properties of bananas can help increasing your breast size. Consume 2-3 bananas daily to see visible results. It has been proven to increase and tighten your breasts.

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6. Onion Juice
Onion juice is no less than a magic potion which helps in boosting our immune system. But you can use this to increase your breasts as well. Mix onion juice, turmeric and honey well in a bowl. Apply this on your breast and keep it overnight. Wash it the next morning, with cold water. Do this daily for best results.

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7. Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek seeds are used as a spice in cooking but it has stepped in the field of medical science as well due to its properties. A replica of the female hormone oestrogen is found in fenugreek which helps enhance the breasts. The prolactin found in fenugreek seeds increase the size of the breast as well firms them.

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8. Ayurvedic Remedy
Make a paste of cardamoms, pomegranate seeds, majuphal, asparagus powder, and lasoda leaves. Massage this paste on your breasts daily. This will strengthen your muscles and increase the size of your breasts.

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9. Olive Oil Massage
Whenever we’re talking about anti-ageing or breast enlargement, it is mandatory to mention olive oil in the list. You just have to massage your breasts with olive oil daily. This will increase the blood circulation to your breasts hence increasing its size.

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10. Pueraria Mirifica
You can use Pueraria Mirifica for increasing your breasts faster. This supplement helps to regulate the female hormones. You can easily get Pueraria Mirifica creams, oil, gel, soaps, capsules and pills in the market.

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