Some Interesting Facts About Pregnancy & Gynecology


The various changes and shifting of hormonal levels are not easy to bear with, for the constant 9 months of pregnancy. And during such a delicate phase, it is important to have the basic knowledge about your pregnancy and the gynecology.

Even if you are newly married, it is essential that you keep a basic know about of contraceptive methods, pelvic examination, fertilization, trimesters or pregnancy food.

In this article, you will come some facts that are related to the pregnancy and gynecology from the several aspects.

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About Pelvic Exam

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It is a simple medical test that people get done to check out their wellness state of the reproductive organs. Cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, rectum, bladder and the vulva are the organs that are tested in this examination.

When To Get It Done?

It is healthy to get a pelvic examination done at least once or twice in a year. This is nothing to be ashamed of and it rather keeps you informed about your health rate.

It is important for the pregnant women to undergo this test at least once during their pregnancy phase. It is also helpful in diagnosing infections like chlamydia and vaginosis.

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About Fertilization

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The process of a man’s sperm cells getting into the egg of a woman is known as the fertilization. In this process, the DNA of both woman and man unite to form one entity which is called embryo.

What After Fertilization?

After the egg and the sperm cells are fertilized, they move to the uterus lining soon after that and the embryo gets attached to the uterus lining. It is then called the blastocyst when the woman is truly confirmed as pregnant.

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Best Food To Eat During Pregnancy

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As a woman’s body goes through many physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy, it is important that she gets a good and healthy diet throughout the phase.

It is essential that you know what’s good for you to eat and what to avoid during the pregnancy. Some foods like dairy products for the protein and calcium, sweet potato for beta carotene, eggs for choline, salmon for omega 3 fatty acids, legumes for folate and fiber, whole grains for vitamins and carbs, berries for antioxidants, and broccoli for the minerals are good to be consumed by the pregnant women.

About Trimesters

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Trimesters are nothing but the 3 stages of pregnancy where 40 weeks of the duration are divided into 3 parts or trimesters as we all know it.

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First Trimester

It is by the 8th week that the embryo starts to develop the body parts in the uterus. This causes various hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman.

At this stage, the embryo is very sensitive. So, it better that you stay away from certain food and drinks like contaminated food, alcohol and radiation exposure. The embryo successfully grows into a foetus by the end of this trimester.

Second Trimester

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At the beginning of this trimester, you will start to feel the slight movements of the foetus and a little heavier on the tummy side. As the foetus starts to put on weight in this trimester. The average length of the foetus would be around 10 inches and it would weigh around 650-700 grams.

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Third Trimester

Third trimester is the last three months of pregnancy. At this stage, all the remaining body parts starts to develop in the foetus and it moves more than it does during the second trimester. The most thing is that the foetus’ head moves down, preparing itself for the birth.

We hope that this little information will be of some help to you. Share your thoughts and knowledge with us about some more tips on handling the pregnancy well.

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