Sonakshi Sinha’s Weight loss Mantra: 5 Ways How She Lost 30 Kgs


Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha was not a slim trim looking gorgeous Bollywood diva before entering Bollywood. The actress had to tolerate a lot of body shaming remarks because of her overweight figure. Apparently sedentary lifestyle had turned her into a 90 kg fat chubby girl. With that figure, her entry into Bollywood was looking almost impossible. As is said where there is a will, there is a way. The actress had a strong will to become a Diva and she became by losing more than 30 kgs with all her sweat and blood.

Imagine when she signed her debut movie Dabangg with Salman Khan, she was 90 kg and she still said yes to the project. Because the Dabangg girl knew the easiest and fastest methods of losing 30 kg weight in few days.

Not just Sonakshi we have examples like Arjun Kapoor and bulky Adnan Sami who have now a toned good looking figure. Things were always not same for them. If these Bollywood celebrities can lose weight miraculously why not you. You can do it, provided you know the below mentioned three quickest and simple methods of weight loss.

1. The primary exercise for losing extra pounds is having a check on your diet. You have to see is the food giving you adequate nutrients. It is not necessary that a good looking flavoured tasty food will always provide your body good nutrients in adequate quantity.

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2. You do not need to starve yourself because the phenomenon can backfire and add more weight to your body. Consume food in moderate quantity. For quick weight loss, you need to consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk and lean protein foods. For Asians, particularly Indians who consume rice, overweight people living here should eat a handful of rice and oatmeal during a day. They should ensure whatever they eat during the day but it should not exceed 1000 calories per day.

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3. Whether you believe in religious fasting or not, that is not our concern, but if it helps your body in some way then you should definitely try it. Dieticians say that a person who is even slightly overweight should fast at least twice a week. On the day of fasting, he or she should just consume vegetables, fruits, seeds and legumes. During fasting, a person should avoid consuming rice and meat and should depend mainly on low-fat milk, juices and of course a plenty of water. “Fasting cleans stomach, which makes mind feel relaxed,” some dieticians believe. This is probably the reason why many saints and spiritual persons have so much belief in fasting. By practicing it firstly their body remains in good shape and secondly, they also get a peace of mind.

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4. Water therapy is one of the most tried and successful methods of weight loss. Water helps in getting rid of extra body weight particularly in the area of the belly. Water helps women lose belly fat, miraculously.

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5. The question remains how much water should an overweight person consume in a day for getting rid of extra fat. Some dietitians say that 64 ounces of water are sufficient for the day, which equals to 8 big glasses of water. While as others believe that a person who is aiming to lose weight should consume at least 3 liters of water in a day.

Directions: When an overweight person feels extra hungry, he should drink a glass of water to suppress appetite. Now this person will eat less quantity of food and slowly and steadily, the eating habit of this person will change and he will begin eating less food.

Precautions: An overweight person should not stick to water-only-diet for a too long time because it has a tendency to decrease metabolic rate tremendously.

Try these home remedies for losing weight:

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You can replace your daily diet with these home remedies that will provide you the equivalent amount of nutrients. Within weeks, your body will come into shape by losing all those extra pounds and your body and for this you will not need to starve your body.

Organic Green tea: Consuming Green tea is considered an efficient way of losing weight. Three to four cups of green tea are sufficient during a day. Since green tea contains caffeine, which can prove harmful for the body in the long run. So to get rid of caffeine, drink organic green tea.

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Lemonade and cayenne pepper powder mixture: Thanks to Beyoncé’s lemonade, almost every person on this earth today knows what lemonade is and what its benefits are. It may not taste you great, but it is extremely useful for losing weight. Mix lemon juice, one spoon of cayenne pepper powder and two spoons of maple syrup in a glass of water. While stirring, you should feel that you are stirring your belly fat to excrete it out.

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Dark chocolates: Girls are the die-hard lovers of Dark chocolates and who else can know its benefits more than them. Sometimes parents or some friend of them may have advised them to limit chocolates, it will increase their weight, but that can be said for other chocolates, not Dark Chocolates who reduce weight.

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Directions: 20 minutes before lunch and dinner, eat at least one dark chocolate to cut your appetite by 50 percent. It has one more benefit that it will reduce your dependency on sweet and fatty things which are known for adding body fat.

Green Lemonade: There is one more way of taking lemon juice, which helps in reducing weight. Add two cups of spinach, diced green apples, cucumber slices and four leaves of Kale with lemon juice. Add three tablespoons of honey and water and stir and drink. Your extra weight will vanish like gas molecules.

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Mix fruit juice: Mix pink grapefruit, oranges, head romaine lettuce and mint to form a refreshing drink. Make this your habit, you will lose some pounds of weight in days.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get charged up for it and see the changes for yourself.

Stay Healthy and Blissful!