7 Things You Can Relate If You Wear Makeup Daily


When any new makeup trend is there, you feel an urge to try anyhow, if you’re a makeup lover. Sometimes we put on makeup to look flawless like those shown on our television. There’s nothing wrong with putting makeup. But doing it every single day of your life is something which can create a problem for you. No matter whether it’s a foundation or mascara, it is going to create a problem for you when used every day.

So here we are going to tell you few things which can happen to you if you are a regular makeup wearer.

1. You Can Look Prematurely Old
The pigments and chemicals present in makeup can intervene with pollution and damage your collagen fibres. Layering your skin too much with makeup can also slow down its self-renewal process, due to which your skin can look aged.

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2. It Can Cause Open Pores
If you wear makeup daily, then it can enlarge your skin pores. These open pores hold back the makeup product in them. These clogged pores become an abode to bacteria which give rise to pimples.

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3. Eye Infection
The makeup which we put on our eye to make them more attractive to those who see can actually harm our eyes more than we can imagine. The chemicals in the makeup can enter our eye and can cause irritation and redness. That’s why we should refrain from putting makeup every single day.

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4. Eyelash Hair Fall
Did you know that mascara can cause your lashes to fall? The mascara which you put to lengthen and beautify your lashes can cost you your lashes itself. After continued usage of mascara, you can see that your eyelashes have become brittle and fall easily with a mild touch.

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5. Over-Dry And Blackened Lips
The colourful lipsticks which are available in the market, when remain on your lips for 24 hours can cause your lips to lose its natural colour. You can skip your lipstick for a day or two and replace it with a tinted lip balm instead.

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6. Crow’s Feet And Fine Lines Around Eyes
Continued usage of foundation and other products on your face can cause wrinkles. The eye makeup can cause the gentle skin around your eyes to develop wrinkles. So be a little easy on eye makeup next time!

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7. Skin Loses Its Elasticity
The elasticity in our skin is responsible for our youthful skin. But putting on too much makeup can cause damage to our collagen fibers which are the main reason behind our skin’s elasticity. Loss of elasticity can make us look older and haggard. This is why we should use makeup only on special occasions, rather than every single day.

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