7 Extremely Useful Tips to Grow Your Nails


The nails undoubtedly play a key role in enhancing the beauty of your hands, always remember this if in case you ignore this fact. The nail art trends have actually nailed the fashion market and there are hundreds of patterns that one can carve over the nails with different colors and accessories.

So, you must have got the idea that how important is to take care of nails. The nails should be strong and long for all these nail art designs. Long and well-shaped nails definitely add to the feminine appeal and there are several ways in which the nails of a hand can be grown.

1. Stop using them as tools: This is the first thing that you need to ensure for long and lovely nails. Stop using them for opening cans things or using them as needles as the stress that comes over them might break them.

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2. Filing the nails: Well if your nails are real weak ones, then there is no point in keeping them. So we are going to start from scratch and this means that we will file them to real short size. In addition to it, one needs to be super cautious in filing the nails and they should not be files back and forth but towards the center for strength.

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3. Choose the Shape Smartly: There are different types of shapes that you can make over your nails like oval, squoval, square, round or almond. There is no restriction over the style of your nail, but if your nails are weaker ones then I would suggest going with the square shape as they do not break very easily. On the other hand nail patterns like Almond or Oval tend to be more fragile and hence break.

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4. Use Gelatin: It is believed that soaking hands in warm water and gelatin adds to the strength of the nail. This is certainly a great news for the ladies with weaker nails as Gelatin is easily available and you can soak the hands regularly for strong and shiny nails.

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5. Avoid Tight Footwear: For the feet nails to stay strong and healthy, it is very important to choose the correct size of footwear. Most of the times we ladies end up choosing a shoe that fits us tightly and the nails get broken. That is the reason it is advised to wear loose socks and the shoe size should be comfortable enough for the nail to grow well.

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6. Enough Hydration: The dermatologist suggests the use of moisturizers or hand creams in order to make stay hydrated. The dry nails tend to break more and the cuticles too do not look very pleasing when they are dry. This is the reason that the nails should be hydrated regularly for longevity and strength.

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7. Do not cut the cuticles: Yes cuticles are very crucial for the growth of a nail and that is the reason that they should not be cut. Even if they outgrow, they should be trimmed with the help of a soft filer but never cut down.

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