This Homemade Hair Mask Will Give You Freedom From Hair Fall!


Not a single person is there who’s not bothered by the problem of hair fall. Every second person is searching for methods to cure Hair fall these days. You must be knowing very well that there are many causes of Hair fall. For example, stress or lack of vitamins. The series of falling strands continues until and unless it is treated from its root cause. So keeping this in mind, we have an excellent remedy for your Hair fall woes. You will be pretty freaked out on reading it, but believe me for your hair fall issues, nothing works better than beetroot hair mask.

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How to Prepare Beetroot Hair Mask?
You have to firstly boil the beetroot leaves in water. Turn off the heat when the water is reduced to half. Then grind these leaves in a grinder to make a thick paste. Add a tablespoon of henna powder to it. Your hair mask is ready.

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How to Apply Beetroot Hair Mask?
Apply this paste on your hair and scalp. Massage it well. Let it sit for half an hour. Then wash it with normal water. Repeat the procedure every time you wash your hair. You will notice the difference within few weeks.

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You can also mix ginger juice and beetroot juice to apply to your scalp every night before going to bed. Wash your hair the next morning. Whereas, if you add turmeric to beetroot leaves and gooseberry leaves paste and apply on your scalp, the Hair fall will leave your end within 2-3 applications.

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Beetroot is rich in antioxidants which add shine to your hair while combating Hair fall issues. It has been known that the premier cause of Hair fall is a deficiency of potassium. Beetroot being rich in potassium offers instant relief to Hair fall woes. It also strengthens your strands and replenishes the lost sheen of the hair.

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