Tips to Choose Right Blush for Your D-Day


Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding for which she plans everything in advance  from wedding outfit to beauty essentials. While shopping for the beauty essentials the most overlooked one is the blush.Because the right shade of blush is essential to complete your bridal look So, in this article, we have shared some tips to choose right blush for your D-day.

Types of blush

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Blushes are available in different types and it is important to know them so that you can choose the one which suits your skin.

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1. Powder blush

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This is the most common one, and it is best for the oily skin as it absorbs the oil from the skin. You can also use this blush to get a matte finish.

2. Gel blush

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If you have a combination or oily skin then this blush is the best option for you as they are more subtle as compared to the cream versions.

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3. Cream blush

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This type of blush is best for the one who has dull complexion and dry skin. Cream blush not only highlights your cheekbones but also provide moisture.

4. Stain

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These are highly pigmented so you need to blend them quickly before it dry off.

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Blush shades according to skin tone

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Makeup plays a very important part in the Indian bridal look  and when it comes to blush it is very important to choose it according to your skin tone.

1. For fair skin

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The shade of light coral, peach and soft pink is perfect to enhance the beauty of the fair skin. For warm undertones, you can opt for light peach or golden apricot with a hue of pink. And for cool undertones, you can try baby pink with the hint of beige and mocha or go for soft rose.

2. For dark skin

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If you have dark skin tone then you can use shades of orange, red and brown. For warm undertones, you can opt for deep coral with a hue of bronze and brown suede. And for cool undertones, use shades of grape, dark raspberry and plum.

3. For medium skin

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For this type of skin tone, darker shades of peaches and pinks look best. For warm undertones, one can opt for soft shades of coral with brown undertone. And for cool undertones, you can use cranberry shade, rosy pink and light raspberry shades.

So, these were the few tips that can help you to choose right blush for your D-day.


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