Top 10 All-Too-Real Struggles Every Newly Engaged Girl Faces


It doesn’t matter whether you are having an arranged or a love marriage, all that matters is the royal period between your engagement and your wedding. Right from the day you put that ring on your finger, everything and everyone around you change.

Those pampering moments from your friends and family, and that royal treatment that you adore so much, us unforgettable and inescapable. But with all this come the realization of responsibilities and the struggles that every newly engaged girl faces during this period.

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If you are wondering what struggles are we talking about, then continue reading this article and you’ll relate to them instantly if you are also one of those girls.

1. No more stepping outside in Cozy Pajamas

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Coz you wouldn’t want to bump into any of his “close” relatives, looking like anything lesser than oh-so-fabulous.

2. Everyone will be interested in hearing your Honeymoon Plans

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Along with the list of all those *naughty* things that you can do at those places they are trying to suggest you.

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3. And that constant spotlight on your ring. And what when you tell them it’s safely locked away in your drawer

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Not because you don’t like it or something, but it just keeps getting stuck in your clothes and everything else. So, why damage it, and not store it safely inside the cupboard? But those relative will never understand this.

4. You finally push yourself to sharpen up your culinary skills

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Now that you know those super-amazing Maggi making skills are gonna be of no use. So, why not start cooking from now on!

5. Oh, those crazy fitting sessions are just gonna kill you.

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Because, of course, you can’t risk your perfect day get ruined by any silly little mistake. So, boutiques and tailors will become your second home and family for that while.

6. Bridezilla on the way people, Beware!!!

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That fairytale wedding might be possible only if you are killing yourself to achieve that perfection, looking after every tiny bit detail by yourself. From all those lehenga fittings to your parlor appointments and that perfect venue should top the list.

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7. Uh-oh! No more drunken stories on Facebook wall post

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And just because his relatives are going to flood your account soon, with their requests of course. We are sure those drunken stories are not your best shots to make a good impression with.

8. Those never ending first night tips from aunties *Smirking*

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And what makes those sex tips more cringing is their detailed personal experience, that they’ll share with you, so interestingly. *Eew*

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9. How your wedding should be, is compared to all the past family weddings

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And this will definitely drive you nuts, up to that wall.

10. *Wiping tears* You feel emotional, all the time

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And cry while you enjoy every lasting moment with your loving family and friends. This is still hard for you to believe that soon you be leaving them all and not be able to wake up to see their faces around you.

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It’s okay girl, we are sure you’ll soon get over that emotional phase and enjoy the best days of your life. Share your personal experience or the funny moments that has happened with you between the months of getting engaged and your wedding.

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