Top 10 Must-Try Latest Mehendi Trends For 2017


In past few decades, Mehendi designs has taken an irreversible turn. From florals to shades to portrait-style Mehendi now, people are inventing new ways to make Mehendi simpler and more frequently drawn on multiple occasions.

The wedding season is here and we are looking for various designs of Mehendi to complete the look and get a feel of enjoying an Indian Wedding. Try these amazing new Mehendi trends of 2017 and flaunt your beauty and gracious outfit along with these beautiful Mehendi designs.

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Here are top 10 Mehendi designs of this year that are must-try for every girl on the amazing occasion of wedding.

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1. White Mehendi

White Mehndi design does actually make you stand out amongst others. Unlike natural henna which leaves its color on your skin, white Mehendi can easily be washed off. This art is sealed with adhesive or body paints by Mehendi artists only, and stays on for 3-10 days, depending upon how you take care of it.

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2. Shaded Mehendi

Shading Mehendi designs are eye-catching and adds uniqueness in your Mehendi designs. Shading is easy and it gives a mirage of colors to your Mehendi design which is very popular among young girls.

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3. Net Mehendi

Made with so much delicacy and patience, this Mehendi design doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does require a stable hand to get that perfect replica of the net pattern.

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4. Floral Mehendi

The epic Mehendi design that every Mehendi artist go for at the first instance, floral designs are the most common yet a key design in the Mehendi world. Big or small, all kinds of flowers are in this Mehendi design, majorly picked for the festive occasions.

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5. Tiki-Style Mehendi

This for those who are not a huge fan of those heavy netted or intricate designs for Mehendi, a simple yet elegant design to appeal a bold look. Tiki-style Mehendi designs are mostly popular in Middle East and Pakistan more than they are in India. Be it a circular pattern or a diagonal quick go, they are in a vast range of patterns to amaze your look.

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6. Diagonal Floral Mehendi

This Mehendi design is made in a diagonal pattern, starting from the one end of the wrist or palm and ending on the opposite end at the top of the index finger. You can get floral patterns or simple veins going directions to give it a unique look.

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7. Glitter Mehendi

Your Mehendi designs gets an extra charm when you add glitter or sequins in it, especially for the wedding occasions. It also gives you a bold statement.

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8. Sticker Mehendi

Available in multiple colors, patterns, and designs, sticker Mehendi is the most convenient way of getting a Mehendi on you. You can even get matching Mehendi designs stickers with your outfits. And the best thing about this Mehendi is that they can be used on multiple occasions.

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9. Diamond Mehendi

This is one of the easiest Mehendi designs to be made in huss and fuss. The not-so-complicated diamond patterns make it unique and bold.

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10. Portrait-Style Mehendi

This beautiful Mehendi style is particularly for Brides, who show their love towards their loving husband-to-be. Usually brides prefer heavy and intricate designs, but this portrait-style Mehendi has changed the casual trend amongst brides, and they are all going for it. Portrait on bride on one hand and groom on the other hand, is what rocks this Mehendi design. Unlike other Mehendi designs, this takes time, and is not a free-hand Mehendi that can be made easily.

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