Top 5 Homemade Face Scrubs for a smooth, radiant skin!


A super soft, smooth beautiful skin with a healthy gleam radiates on your inner self too. When you look good, you definitely feel great about yourself. A dull and lifeless skin, with dead cells clogging the top layer of your skin is not at all attractive; a dull appearance mars your personality making you feel sluggish. Exfoliation is the best way to slash away dullness and brighten your skin tone. It is one of my favorite beauty treatments too.

Exfoliation is an integral part of every skin care regimen. Gently exfoliation once or twice a week will leave your skin clean, fresh and glowing. Have a look at five best all natural homemade facial scrubs.


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This beauty aid can be easily found in every kitchen and is a fantastic exfoliant. Mix one part of sugar with one part of glycerin or any other oil of your choice. Apply this paste all over your face and massage gently in small circular motions to slough away all the dead skin cells and debris. Wait for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly to reveal the fresh, glowing skin. A few drops of essential oils in your facial scrub will add a pleasing fragrance.


Pamper your skin with milk! It is a simple yet most effective natural cleanser. The lactic acid present in milk is a great exfoliant that cleans your skin from deep inside. All you need is to slather milk evenly on your skin. This is a great way to lighten your complexion and do away with the tan caused from sun damage.


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Raw oatmeal is a great natural exfoliant that incredibly enhances skin cell revival. Add a teaspoon of honey and three fourth teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to three teaspoons of raw oatmeal to get a natural nourishing facial scrub. Use this sticky paste to gently exfoliate your skin to refresh and revitalize your skin.


One of the most essential ingredients in your kitchen, salt is also an excellent natural facial scrubber. A basic salt scrub will help to invigorate your skin with a fresh verve, boost circulation and removes all dead skin cells while leaving your silky smooth. To prepare a sea salt scrub at home, simply add one cup of olive oil to one cup of sea salt, also add five drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance. Apricot oil is the best, as it will nourish, protect and renew your skin with oodles of vivacity.


This one is my personal favorite, simply because it leaves my skin feeling incredible soft. And it is pretty easy too! Ground almonds so that they have a fine texture, store them in a container. Every time you need to revive your skin, simply add a little milk to it so as to form a smooth paste. Use it as a scrub on your face and neck and voila, you have a fabulous fair, flawless skin!

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