Top 5 Tiffin Options For Every Day


Does the tiffin of your little one often come back with leftover food? And even when it comes back empty you know that it is definitely not him who has eaten it. As a parent, you do want to give your child a healthy and nutritious tiffin, but as a kid, all that your child wants is a burger or pizza in his lunch. So to cut short your dilemmas we have come up with a way out. The only way you can make your little one finish their lunch completely is by providing them with a variety of food items. But in order to make sure that they also get all the required nutrients we have come up with

5 tasty and nutritious tiffin options that your kids are going to love.

1. Oats idli- This one is a wholesome lunch option. Make this for your kid’s lunch and he will get the required carbs, protein, vitamins, iron and magnesium all in one. Oats idli has zero cholesterol and is very light on the tummy. The fiber from the oats will fill him up quickly and will also improve his digestive system. This recipe is the perfect combination of health and taste. Plus it is a great way to feed your child something as healthy as oats without making him realize it.

Tiffin Options For Every Day1

2. Leftover chicken sandwich- This is a great way to turn your last night’s leftover food into your next day’s lunch. If you have leftover chicken lying in your refrigerator, then you can easily make a quick chicken sandwich for your kid’s lunch. You can also add in some fresh veggies and some cheese to make your child a filling and tasty lunch.

Tiffin Options For Every Day2

3. Banana walnut muffin- Muffins are a great option for tiffin if you want to give your kid a healthy dose of that extra energy. These muffins are loaded with two of the healthiest food items which are banana and walnuts. Banana is high in magnesium and walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, both of which are essential for the healthy growth of your child. Muffins are a great option to pack as a snack for your kid along with the tiffin. You can make these beforehand and store them for over a week.

Tiffin Options For Every Day3

4. Stuffed parathas- Being Indians we all love to gorge onto stuffed parathas. Plus, these are the beat breakfast or tiffin food as these have all the nutrients that your body needs in order to work efficiently. You can make parathas stuffed with potatoes, onion, cabbage or even leftover sabzi. With some pickle or curd on the side, your child is not going to feel hungry at all.

Tiffin Options For Every Day4

5. French toast with a fruit salad- First you have to get this thing out of your head that French toast is a typical recipe to make in the morning because it is not. Once you get a hang of it, you would want to make it on a daily basis. Try to give different options to your child when it comes to his tiffin this way he won’t get bored or tired of eating the same monotonous food. You can also as some fruit salad and chocolate sauce on the side in order to make it more interesting and filling.

French Toast with Fresh Fruit Compote