9 Absolute Reasons to Include Olives in Your Diet


Diet is as important as anything to keep you fit. Even if you work out well but don’t keep your diet balanced, it won’t be that much effective as expected. So, it is always advised by diet experts, to have a keen eye on the diet. Let’s talk one of the many healthy food items to add to your diet. It is olive.

Olives are basically a kind of stone fruit which is surrounded by a fruit’s flesh. Olives are generally found in two different types, the unripe (green) and the ripe (black). Besides this, there are various varieties of olives available depending on the regions and also, have varied tastes. But, do you guys know that this fruit has a number of benefits that can help in improving your overall health. So, if you are not aware of this fact, then you need to check out the reasons to include olives in your diet.

1. Great source of iron

 Great source of ironImage Source: foodsogoodmall

It is said that consuming black olives in moderate amounts is really good for the people with low hemoglobin levels as it contains a high amount of iron. Plus, it also helps in boosting immunity.

2. Works as an antioxidant

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Olives not only contains a high amount of vitamin E but also known as the source of various antioxidants that can protect your body’s cells. Various studies have shown that olives are really good for the heart and helps in treating cancer and osteoporosis.

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3. Boosts energy levels

Improves energy levels naturally

Glutathione is a substance found in our cells that help in the process of energy production. And having this substance in enough amount can boost your lifestyle. It is said that consuming olives can help in increasing the levels of glutathione in your blood.

4. Helps in reducing wrinkles

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Olives contain oleic acid that can help in reducing wrinkles to a great extent. Besides this, it also helps in maintaining the overall health of your skin.

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5. Maintains heart health

Maintains heart healthImage Source: emmainternational

It contains healthy monosaturated fats that help in boosting good cholesterol in the body and prevent the arteries from hardening. Plus, the monosaturated fats contain oleic acid that can help in reducing the high blood pressure levels and promotes heart health.

6. Good for digestive system

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It is said that olives are really good for your gut health. And if you frequently suffer indigestion issues, then start consuming olives regularly to maintain your bowel movements.

7. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent


It is said that olives can help in bringing down the inflammation effectively. Regular consumption of olives also helps your body to access polyphenols, in particular to a chemical compound, oleuropein which is known for its antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties.

8. Boosts fertility

Boosts fertilityImage Source: com

Many doctors have suggested that regular consumption of olives can help in improving the reproductive system.

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9. Maintains weight


If you are planning to lose weight, then it is advised that you should include olives in your diet because the monosaturated fats present in it help in reducing fat from the belly. Besides this, it also helps in promoting insulin sensitivity.

So, these were the few reasons to include olives in your diet.

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