Top Cancer-Related Myths In Women Debunked


In the last few decades, cancer has turned out to be the most common deadliest diseases. Both men and women are at the risk of getting affected by this disease. Though the actual reason which causes this disease is still not discovered, it is the modern lifestyle that is to be blamed.

When talking about women there are mainly three types of cancer which are usually breast, ovarian and cervical cancer. But not a lot of people are aware of the actual facts related to these diseases and there are a lot of myths associated with them. Today we are going to debunk some of the most common myths related to these.

Myth 1- Cervical cancer cannot be prevented
Truth- Cervical cancer is sole cancer which is preventable. There are vaccines available which can be given to girls starting at the early age of 12 years. these vaccines need to be taken thrice over the period of six months in order to complete a course. Another fact which makes it a preventable cancer is the fact that cervical cancer has a comparatively longer pre-cancer stage which means more number of screening tests are possible. If detected at this stage it can be cured completely.

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Myth 2- Cervical cancer develops only in older women
Truth- Another myth which is prevalent amongst the younger women is that cervical cancer may only develop in elderly women and not younger women. But the truth is that cervical cancer may develop in women of any age, thus you must start screening at the age of 21. Older women think that they don’t need to get a PAP test. When in reality older women should get the PAP test until the age of 70 at least. The risk of getting cervical cancer does not fade away with the increasing age. There are no specific symptoms except for excessive bleeding during the menstruation or irregular bleeding. Thus a routine screening is recommended every three years after the age of 30.

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Myth 3- Majority of breast lumps are cancerous
Truth- This is not true. Most of the lumps formed in the breast are non-cancerous or cysts or something else. But it is important to inform your doctor if you notice a lump or lumps in your breast or a discharge from the nipple as these might be a sign of something serious. The doctor most preferably will recommend you to get a mammogram, biopsy or ultrasound in order to determine the problem. In case there is any suspicion after the mammography or ultrasound, MRI might be recommended.

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Myth 4- The risk of developing cancer increases with miscarriage and abortion
Truth- There have been enough facts to prove that if you conceive before the age of 30 the chances of developing breast cancer decreases to some extent. But there has been no legitimate proof to justify the saying that miscarriages and abortions increase the risk of developing cancer.

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Myth 5- Ovarian cancer is always deadly
Truth- Ovarian cancer is a very serious disease but it is not always deadly. Depending on the stage of cancer a surgery may be performed combined with chemotherapy may increase and improve the survival rate of the patient.

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Myth 6- Ovarian cancer cannot be detected in the early stages
Truth- Many women in early stages of ovarian cancer do show common symptoms such as abdominal pressure, swelling, fullness, urinary urgency and discomfort or pain in the pelvic area. Women who have ovarian cancer are mostly diagnosed with bladder or digestive disorder. The symptoms too are not permanent and may occur in certain situations or after eating certain food items. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are likely to occur for weeks and months at a stretch. Thus women who are getting treated for other health related issues but are not showing up any improvement must get themselves checked for ovarian cancer.

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