Use Toothpaste to Get Rid of Blackheads in This Way!


Many girls battle with chronic blackheads problem. No matter how hard you try, they find their way to back to your face. You will be shocked to know that nearly 70% of the population suffers from the blackhead problem. Therefore, you’re not alone. To shoo away your problem once and for all, we have formulated this foolproof method. In addition, surprisingly, you just need two ingredients.

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However, before that, you need to know what blackheads really are. Blackheads are the tiny black bumps that are usually seen on the nose. This happens when the pores are clogged with dirt and bacteria. The oils of the skin get oxidized in the air and turn black in air. These wax plugs is what seems to us like blackheads.

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The main ingredients of this DIY are toothpaste. As we already know that toothpaste contains mint, which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It opens up the pores and kills the bacteria that cause blackheads. However, before trying this DIY, we suggest you to patch test it for any allergy.

The other ingredient, which is used, is salt. The mineral in the salt exfoliates the dead skin and reveals the clear skin from underneath. Here is a guide to prepare this DIY.

Take one tablespoon of your regular toothpaste in a bowl. Prefer the plain white toothpaste. Add a teaspoon of salt to it. Mix the ingredients well.

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Before applying this mixture, cleanse your face and take steam for 10 minutes. This will soften your blackheads. Apply a thin coat of this mixture on your nose.
Let it stay for 5 minutes. Now moisten the area with some water and rub it gently in circular motions. Wash it off and then rub the area with ice cubes. Apply a moisturizer on your nose. You should repeat this trick every week for considerable results.

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