5 Quick Fixes for Wedding Day Beauty Emergencies


Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day for which she starts planning for months. From attire to makeup, and even the footwear and jewelry is finalized a long time before. What if things don’t go the way you want? We don’t want to scare, but there are few beauty emergencies that you should know so that you can quickly fix them on time. So, in this article, we have shared some quick fixes for wedding day beauty emergencies that save your bridal look.

1. Pimples

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While enjoying the wedding functions we almost forget about our healthy diet and eat more of sweets and oily food. Plus, during the functions, there is lack of exercise and sleep, which eventually lead to pimples. So, if you see a pimple then don’t panic, it is normal. Just apply some ice to the affected area as cold suppresses a pimple. Also, avoid applying oily foundation on your pimple.

2. Dark circles

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Another beauty emergency which is caused because of lack of sleep. So, it is suggested that never compromise with your sleep. You can put ice packs on your eyes for 2 minutes. Then, massage the under-eye area with moisturizer. And you can also use a good concealer to cover your dark circles.

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3. Chipped nails

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Chipped nails are very common during weddings. Always keep your nail polish remover, nail polish, and filer handy. Smoothen your chipped nails with and apply another coat.

4. Puffy eyes

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The factors responsible for puffy eyes are lack of sleep, unhealthy diet. Though they go vanish naturally, it becomes a concern when they appear in the morning or noon time of the wedding day. The simple hack that you can use is to place a frozen teaspoon on your lid. Make sure that you place the concave part so that it touches your lid. Repeat this for 2 to 3 minutes to get rid of puffiness. You can also place cucumber slices and tea bags to treat puffy eyes.

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5. Smudged eye makeup

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Weddings can make you emotional, but it can also ruin your eye makeup. A few drops of tears and your mascara can run down to your cheeks. So, to prevent this problem, try using waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and Kohl.

So, these were the few quick fixes for wedding day beauty emergencies.

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