10 Excellent Herbs For Faster Weight Gain Without Side Effects


Today, when the whole world is facing an obesity problem, the desire to put on some weight might seem like fiction. But there are some people who need to gain some weight for various reasons. Some of them have high metabolism, some are genetically adapted to be ‘small,’ and some just do not eat enough! However ways to gain weight is certainly not to binge on junk food. This will just add fat and also make you unhealthy.

If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, you may need to add some herbs in your regular diet. Let us read to know these herbs.

Top 10 herbs for weight gain

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Here is a list of 10 amazing herbs that can maximize weight pain:

1. Chamomile


Chamomile is known for its appetite increasing property. Daily intake of this herb would help improve your appetite. Also, naturally you would see changes in your overall weight. If you are underweight and skinny all your life, you should use chamomile and the amazing extracts. You are definitely going to see the change.

2. Blessed thistle


Blessed thistle has been widely used in bitter tonic and is also known to increase appetite, enhances digestion and help you put on some extra weight. People who are struggling with weight gain problems must definitely try this to know the result. It is worth try and has been really appreciated by people who have used this.

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3. Gentian


Gentian roots have commonly been used for the decades to treat people suffering with unwanted weight loss issue and lack of appetite problems. It helps your body absorb foods in the right way. It activates the gastric sensations, blood flow, and appetite as well. It is a bitter herb, and generally bitter herbs people eat better during meals.

4. Dandelion root


Dandelion roots are an excellent herbal supplement with great benefits. It has been commonly used by many women to boost appetite and promote the weight gain. It is recommended mainly for pregnant women in order to stimulate their appetite. It has a very high content of essential and healthy nutrients, which make it a smart and healthy option for gain weight.

5. Chen Pi


Chen Pi is a wonderful dry citrus peel supplement which helps in improving the digestive system and also increases appetite. They are even to treat dyspepsia and also have been used as effective relaxants. It enhances the body’s natural secretion and enhances the appetite also. It relieves you from abdominal distention.

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6. Ginger


Ginger has been widely used for last several years to treat the intestinal issues. This is the best herb that you can use to do away your upset stomach, dyspepsia, and nausea. It also treats poor appetite very effectively and can help you enjoy your meal better. This wonder herb works quite effectively when it comes to cleaning the digestive tract.

7. Custard apple


Custard apple is an excellent herb which has a number of important nutrients which is suitable for the weight gain. It is also known for having super cooling effect on your body and also brings down the heat in short time. It increases your chances of weight gain and prevents anorexia. If you know anyone who is suffering from this disease, recommend it to them to add a few custard apples to their diet.

8. Licorice


Yashtimadhu or licorice is a powerful natural supplement which helps gain weight. It is best for people who have weaker immune system.

9. Ashwagandha


Ashwagandha is a Indian herb popular for its natural and rich supplements. It heals stress, lack of appetite, lack of energy, strain as well as fatigue as. If consumed with a nutritious and healthy diet, it could surely help you gain some good weight.

10. Cannabis


Cannabis is often considered as marijuana. It is one of the excellent ways in which you can increase the appetite and increase a little weight. In countries like the United States, cannabis is only used for several medicinal purposes. It requires prescription if anyone wants to purchase it legally.

If weight gain is something you want, you must try these herbs! Also, along with a nutritious diet and workout routine, these herbs could help gain those desired pounds.

Are you checking out for effective ways to gain some weight? What tricks you are applying? Share with us.

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