What Girls should not do in Public? Check out!


While I always keep murmuring about how good girls are, there are several things about them that can annoy anybody. Nobody is perfect, a fact. Yet there are certain things that need to be taken care of. Forget boys for now, if I particularly talk about girls there are various things that can just boil up your mind in a moment. So girls check out what kind of mistakes you should not do in public.

What is ‘Inside’!

Do not wonder, but many girls do that open heartedly. I do not understand why there is need to show what you are wearing inside. Be it pink, black, yellow or whatever. I guess you are not spreading breast cancer awareness, are you? Be it only you and your bathroom mirror to know which colour it is today. While it is embarrassing for many, it does not show good manners.

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Every reflective surface is not your mirror!

Please girls finalize your look while you leave home and stop locating your lost bindi’s or lipsticks over plane and reflective surfaces. If you so wish to do that then carry a handy mirror along with you and go to the washroom for the required touch-up.

Over cuddling your beau…

I understand your love for your boy friend but over cuddling him is a big NO-NO. He is not your poor soft toy whom you keep on hugging again and again. Maintain certain distance so that your love does not offend anybody. P.S. If you so wish to make love, find a good place 😉

Talking like a ‘Speaker’!

Please low down your chatter box volume when you see somebody studying inside metro or talking over phone. Do not make everybody around listen that what you had last night and how much you liked a movie! Show some decency and be audible to your friends only.

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Bitching in Public…

Your boyfriend has ditched you, I can understand the agony. But please do not make it a public affair. Do not let people know that you are doomed. Rather call your close friends home to seek help and fight the situation.

Tempting Clothes!

What are they? They are clothes that can easily tempt male human beings around you. I am not saying that you stop wearing the clothes you like, but certain level of decency should be maintained. While they make you fall under the category of a vulgar woman, they can badly affect your image. P.S. I hope you know what kind of clothes I am talking about?

The next time whenever you tempt to do anything stated above, please consider the fact that the izzat of girls’ society lie on your shoulders! 🙂

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