How Can A Girl Protect Herself From Being Raped?


Rape is the most shameful and disrespectful crime committed against women. No argument can ever justify this crime against women. Whatever the circumstances are, the cruel act of raping can never be accepted. People in this society claim to understand and support the victims but when time comes, they stay a step behind.

When women cannot expect the support of society then it becomes more essential for them to exercise caution for their safety. There are some important factors that help women in exercising control over their safety.

1. Mental Awareness

Mental Awareness

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Mental awareness of women helps her to be conscious and alert at all times. Appling your sixth sense is important when you observe some unacceptable or weird behavior of the onlookers. Several surveys and researches have proved that women have a strong sense of observing so why not use this power by believing in your observations for protecting yourself?

2. Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training

Self defense training is must for every woman. She should be self sufficient to protect her so that she does not require any external source of help during threatening situations.

3. Courage With Practicality

Courage With Practicality

Courage and self confidence help you to deal with threatening situations effectively. Rapists find it easy to target those women who appear to be fearful or conscious. They are able to make out their fear with the help of the body language and reaction of women. So be confident and courageous but at the same time do not get impractical. Keep your senses open when you are in threat. Run if you find it the correct option as running is not always for the cowards. Intelligent people also run when the time of fighting does not suit the situation.

4. Rescue Methods

Rescue Methods

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Look for the rescue methods whenever you feel some danger around you. There are some precautionary things like pepper spray which you can carry with you all the time to ensure your safety and security.

5. Immediate Action

Immediate Action

Never wait for the situation to worsen. Act immediately so that you can escape the danger at the earliest. Emergency calls, seeking helps of the surroundings etc prove to be beneficial when you have a potent danger around you.

Keeping yourself ready and prepared in advance is nothing strenuous or hard. It only requires self consciousness and a little presence of mind with the help of which you can prevent many potential threats to your life and safety.

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