Go for Red Wine Facial Today!!!


Hi beautiful ladies and girls!!!

Today, I have come up with new secret that can help you fight off your age. Exactly dears… Cosmetologists suggest that red wine facial can help cut your age and make you look younger.Red wine acts anti-oxidant which is 20 times effective than vitamin C and 50 times than vitamin E. Application of red wine improves moisture content, skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  It increases levels of vitamin C within the cells which has an anti-wrinkle effect. Red wine acid also dilute the pigment and promote skin metabolism.

According to Cosmetologist, Red wine not only neutralizes free radicals but also forms complexes that hold back metallic ions which stimulate the formation of free radicals. It reduces the destruction of collagen fibers, boosts up the activity of certain detoxifying enzymes and controls the early ageing of cutaneous tissues.  Oh come on, don’t get confused. Let me tell you in a more friendly way. Following are the positive effects of red wine facial on skin.

Positive effects

  • Formation of collagen fibers unifies skin tone and has a firming effect.
  • Increased microcirculation activates all the essential functions of skin.
  • Eliminate dead cells and increase blood circulation 

How to make red wine facial at home 

Take 1 cup of thick curd and 4tbsp red wine and whip in a container with tightly fitted lid.

Before applying red wine facial on your face, make sure that your face and neck are clean.  Apply the mask in a circular motion, keeping it away from your eyes.  Keep it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. The results of red wine facial can be visible from the very first treatment itself.

You can also indulge for red wine facials at your nearest hi-end parlors or spas. A single treatment can cost Rs. 2,000 or above.


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