Brilliant Makeup Tips For Big Eyes – See What all you can Do!!


I believe – having big eyes is the best blessing in the entire world, I know how tough it becomes to look beautiful when your eyes are too small (I have them!). But those who are blessed with bigger eyes don’t feel too proud as you too need to be cautious while wearing make-up. So all those big eyed ladies, bring out your notepad and pens and write down the amazing eye make-up tricks that I am going to share now.

Make your lovely eyes stand out well by following these smart make-up tips…

  • Make it a Shimmery Affair!
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This is definitely one of the top eye make-up tricks that will help you enhance your lovely feature. Just add little glitter, shimmer and a bit of glam and this will help your eyes look beautiful and bold. This tip is too effective for night affairs, but if you can keep it under control then this can be enjoyed during day as well.

  • Mascara up your Bottom Eyelash…

To make your eyelashes stand out well, you can use mascara, but do that majorly on the bottom one, be careful though!! Too much of it can make you have spider lashes in spite of making them bold and beautiful. Just do in moderation and see how well it looks.

  • Make Use of White….

Around your eye corners and let them do all the talking for you. Do not use a white liner all over your eyes, but just around the eyelid corner and see how well they will speak for you. This tip is effective in making your eye colour stand out well J

  • Highlight Around Brow Bone!

When you apply that mascara and shadow then do pay special attention to your brow bone area. By using the colour there, you can make your eyes swirl many hearts. Check out what all colours you can use and spell the magic

  • Groom your Brows First!

You have big eyes and they are going to be the focal point for you, so make sure the curve has been set right, I mean you brows should be well trimmed and also should be in shape. This will help you cope up any faux-pas and also you can look good just by dabbing a liner, it works!

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So, do you have big eyes and have been looking for some tips to enhance them? Check out what all I have listed and enjoy! 

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