What your Favorite Color Tells about you – Wanna Check Out?


Colors definitely play an important role in our lives and the kind of colour that you prefer every time you hit any shopping mall, might be holding some secret stuffs about you. What am I talking about? Ok, let’s get straight, today I will decode the secrets about you on the basis of your favourite colour, I mean the colour that you like the most can demystify your personality. Eager to know? I know you would be and me too about sharing this with you…

What your Favorite Color Tells about you – Wanna Check Out

Let your favourite pick be your personality analyzer and enjoy the ride 😉

  • Are you as Hot as Red?
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If red is the hue for you, then let me tell you that you are an outgoing person. A passionate person who knows how to live life in a rocking way! You ooze charm and the sexual vibes that you spread around are simply charming and hot like you. You are very much comfortable in your skin and enjoy dirty dancing too! Wow!

  • The Peace Maker – White!

You have a sexy and charming outlook and the best thing – you know how to embrace it! You love everything in simple and you are always ready to begin a new chapter in life. It is really easy for you to make a statement as comfort is what never leaves you.

  • Are you a Dark Lover – Black?

Either you love playing it safe and keep it all classy or you love when black enhances your beautiful curves better. Well you know how to caste the same magical spell that every Bollywood heroine does when she first meets the hero! So good luck for your partner hunting 😉 You know what you ought to do!

  • The Authoritative Colour – Blue!

This is a colour of control. You are calm, composed and know how to bear patience. But once you are disturbed then I am sure your BF would have to suffer it all 😉 But yes donning shorts and any sexy style is definitely your forte.

  • The Eco Friendly Colour – Green!

You love socializing and you love attending events. You are very peaceful and also believe in sorting things out in that way only. You even have arguments in a friendly way! Oh how lucky your BF is  🙂

Hmm…I know your enjoyed reading this! So what type you are? Share your views and have fun!

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