Care for your Eyelashes!


Every single feature on your face is precious and need proper maintenance. Be it your eyebrows and be it your lips, you need to pay special attention to all. Eye lashes are often the most neglected part and then when you have an important event, all you wish is to have curl and sexier lashes, isn’t that so? To get the same results, you need to be careful now! How can you do that? Visit a salon? No there is no need to go for any expensive treatment. Just follow these tips and make sure your lashes stay beautiful…

These instructions will help you get amazing results

  • Take off your Make-up!

Yeah this is pretty obvious but I know you forget it many times, me too L But worry not, from now on we all will remember to keep our lashes free from make-up when not needed. This will help you if you want to grow your lashes thicker and also don’t wish to make them fall suddenly!

  • Brush Them Out!
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Take a CLEAN mascara wand and brush it over your lashes to get rid of all the dirt and make them look longer and thicker. Disentangling them will help them look healthier and you can go barely there without applying mascara. See how easier this is!

  • Condition your Eye Tresses!

You condition your hair to make them look shinier so why leave your lashes behind? Smooth out some petroleum jelly over your lashes and see them shine instantly. This habit will also ensure that you grow your lashes longer easily. Try this; you never know you might get to flaunt your sexy eyes without make-up.

  • Don’t Rub your Eyes!

Extremely important, yet easily forgotten tip! Rubbing your eyes can pull out lashes and can make them weak. You might also have noticed whenever you rub your eyes; one or two strands fall out on your fingers. If you are feeling irritation around eyes then don’t rub, wash them off!

  • Take a Break!

Don’t be under the pressure of looking beautiful always and give your skin some break! Avoid applying make0up when you are simply going out to wander here and there. And make sure you always use natural products on your eyes.

Once you begin following the tips, you can easily look beautiful. Now stand in front of the mirror and embrace what you have achieved recently. 

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