What your Lips tell about your Personality!


These days most of the girls are obsessed with getting pouty lips like Kareena Kapoor Khan. Some are ready to go under the knife for that while other just try to fake the pout with some makeup. But do you know that you are born with some features because each and every feature define a personality trait of yours? Here what the most famous astrologers have to say about it.

1. Goldilocks Lips: Your lips are neither thin nor thick but are moderately sized. Your cupid brow doesn’t have super defined boundaries. If you are having lips like this then it means you are calm in relationships. You will do fine if it comes from living alone or without your partner. You won’t just throw pointless drama or get clingy to your partner. But you do crave for some emotional intimacy in your relationships.

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2. A fuller upper lip: If your upper lip is larger than your lower lip this means that you’re someone who creates drama in a relationship. If you’ve gone under needles to get plumper upper lip, it means that you’re needier and out of control emotionally. But if you have a naturally fuller upper lip, it means that you seek pleasure everywhere. You enjoy life and like to be pampered at times.

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3. A fuller Lower Lip: This means you like to be pampered all the time. You are someone who really want to enjoy little things in life and is very outgoing.

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4. Fuller top and bottom lips: This type of lips represents strong desire to become a mother. It tells about a person how he/she likes to care about other. If you have fuller upper and lower lips, you are caring, giving and is the one who always puts others needs before your own self. You find joy helping and caring for people. You really value your relationships in life.

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5. Thin Top and Bottom Lips: such kind of people are loner and they don’t find anything wrong in it. They don’t feel the need to be attached to people in their life. They don’t like to talk emotionally about things. But this doesn’t mean that they are not good at maintaining relationships.

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6. Lips With a Peaked Cupid’s Bow: Such kind of people are good at communicating. They are quick witted and are very creative. Because of their quick wit, they are highly spontaneous and often doesn’t think once or twice before saying or doing anything. Most of the people consider such people as a mean spirited person.

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7. Lips with a Rounded Cupid’s Bow:  Just like their cupid’s brow, such kind of people are often soft hearted and kind. They are more compassionate towards people and think about each and every person around them. They are, in short, extra caring towards people.

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8. Lips with an Undefined Cupid’s Bow: people who have this kind of lips are the ones who lack emotional boundaries. They have no control over their over caring attitudes. They are always ready to give more than they should be giving. In lieu of taking care of others, they often mortgage themselves. They are very responsible and take a long to realize that it is not their job.

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9. Lips Plumper at the Centre: such kind of people are a natural performer and often like the spotlight. They cherish attention and dread to be alone. Due to this nature of theirs, they tend to be dramatic in their relationships. These people are also self-indulgent but fun-loving on the same hand.

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10. Small but Fuller Lips: Such kind of people is bit unpredictable in their relationship. At first, they tend to be in themselves, but once they realise that their partner has started taking an interest in them, they start thinking about their partner.

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11. Small and Thin Lips: They find it hard to deal with relationships. They don’t like to connect with people. They open up eventually but take time.

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12. No Upper Lip and a Normal Lower Lip: They are more dedicated towards work and their career. They have an A-type personality. They don’t find it much easy in relationships. They are restless as they want to get somewhere in their life. Most of the men have a mouth like this.

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13. Large Mouth, Normal to Full Lips: Such kind of people are generous and helpful. They always find ways to help people out. But the people with large mouth and thin lips are selfish.

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So grab the mirror and figure what kind of personality you have!