Why Soaps Are Bad For Your Skin?


The soap which has been a part and parcel of our personal hygiene since ages is no angel for our skin. Apart from deodorizing our body, it adds something more heinous to it.

When we wash with soap, then it’s not the harmful bacteria which die alone, some useful ones are killed as well. It also snatches away the essential moisture from the skin.

In the ancient science, it has been said that it is better to wash with lukewarm water and a soft cloth or loofah. Never ever use soap on your face if you love your skin. Use a gentle cleanser for your face.

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Let’s read how soap is no better than toxins for your skin!

1. It harms your skin
It snatches away the natural oils from your skin. These natural oils fight back the diseases causing germs on your skin.

Soaps Are Bad For Skin1

2. Soap destroys the germs but…
Yes, it does fights back the disease-causing germs but it also gets rid of good bacteria on your skin. These good bacteria safeguard your skin from the harmful ones.

Soaps Are Bad For Skin2

3. Weakens the Safety Shield of your skin
It brings down the self-defence mechanism of your skin.

Soaps Are Bad For Skin3

4. It sucks away the vitamin D from your skin
Even before your skin absorbs the vitamin D from your skin, soaps wash it away. It takes nearly 48 hours for our skin to absorb the vitamin D.

Soaps Are Bad For Skin4

5. Soaps deprive you of Pheromones
Pheromones are the chemicals which are responsible for attracting the members of opposite sex to you. This chemical is present in our sweat, which gets washed away by the soaps.

Soaps Are Bad For Skin5

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