Why You Shouldn’t Drink Ice Cold Water In Summer!


We all cherish ice cold water during hot blazing summer afternoons. Isn’t it? And when the cold water isn’t enough to quench our thirst, we add ice cubes to add the chill. But studies reveal that drinking too cold water can slow down your digestion. This can cause many health problems. So come let’s know 10 such harmful effects of drinking icy cool water.

1. Heart Diseases
Drinking cold water can constrict your blood vessels which cause your heart to work heart for pumping blood. This adds strain to your heart and your heartbeats get slowed down.

Drink Ice Cold Water In Summer1

2. Abrupt Weight Gain
Drinking cold water just after having meals can slow down your digestion. This adds adverse effects on your metabolism. Slow body metabolism can cause excess fat accumulation in the body.

Drink Ice Cold Water In Summer2
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3. Sudden Change in Body Temperature
During summers, the temperature of our external environment is higher than our body. Drinking cold water in such situation can cause accumulation of mucous in the bronchial cavity. This can cause common cold and cough.

Drink Ice Cold Water In Summer3

4. Deficiency of Nutrition
Our body wastes a lot of energy in maintaining the body temperature when you drink cold water. This adds adverse effects to your digestive system. The nutrients don’t get absorbed by our intestines properly.

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5. Risk of Catching Diseases
Drinking cold water continuously can weaken the immune system of our body. This elevates the risk of getting allergies and other ailments.

Drink Ice Cold Water In Summer5

6. Indigestion
As I’ve already told, cold water slows down our gut activities. It causes acidity, indigestion, and gas.

Drink Ice Cold Water In Summer6

7. Headache
Sudden drop and the rise in body temperature can cause adverse effects on our brain. This causes the problems like a headache in people.

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8. Intestinal Issues
Cold water shrinks down your intestines. This makes it difficult for food to move easily down the intestines. This can cause severe pain in the gut region.

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9. Blood Pressure
Vasoconstriction causes blood circulation to slow down. This elevates the problem of high BP in people.

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10. Laziness
The energy loss which our body faces due to sudden temperature drop makes us feel tired all day long.

Drink Ice Cold Water In Summer10

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