10 Food Items To Naturally Control Your Blood Pressure


Did you know what your sedentary lifestyle has produced in terms of diseases? A lifestyle disease, which is nothing worse than any life-threatening disease, leading to a problematic and painful future.
Heart diseases and diabetes are the most common diseases that people are facing these days. In order to avoid such a complicated life, you need to change your lifestyle, which means switching to a healthier diet and adopting workout sessions at least once in a week. Blood pressure is another commonly found issue in every one of third person. For this, instead of gulping those malicious pills you can opt for something natural and healthier to control your blood pressure.

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These 10 food items are great in controlling blood pressure and making you healthier:

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Grapes are enriched with phosphorous and potassium, which makes it a great fruit for controlling the blood pressure. Due to the diuretic nature of grapes, they make your kidneys excrete more sodium and relaxes the blood vessels. Thus, leading to a controlled blood pressure.

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Banana is also a great source of potassium and many other nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Everyday consumption of banana helps you maintain your blood pressure and keep you safer from the chances of having a stroke.

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The presence of adenosine, a muscle relaxing agent, is what makes the onion a great food item for maintaining the blood pressure to a constant level. There are n number of ways in which you can consume onions everyday but its rather preferred to have them raw or drinking a ½ teaspoon of onion juice mixing it with few drops of honey, for a healthy blood pressure level, and notice the difference in two weeks.

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Consuming two garlic cloves everyday not only helps to control the blood pressure but it also helps in maintaining the cholesterol level by diluting the excess cholesterol that gets deposited in the arteries and veins’ walls. Garlic also improves the blood flow in your system.

The best way is to have them raw, but if your unable to do so, the squeeze out the juice of two garlic cloves in a spoon and mix it with half a spoon of water and drink up, twice a day.

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We know that coconut water works as a magic potion for our body. Healthier than any fruit and tastier than any drink, coconut water is enriched with potassium, sodium, vitamin C, calcium and many other nutrients that makes it so special. Its high content of potassium is what helps you in controlling your blood pressure.

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Watermelon is considerable the best fruit that you can have if you have blood pressure issues for a long time. The arginine present in it, responsible especially for lowering your blood pressure, also reduces the blood clotting and aids in other heart ailments as well. consuming watermelon along with its seeds is even more beneficial, as the seeds have a glucoside, Cucurbitin, which helps in diluting the blood, leading to control hypertension and blood pressure.

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Coriander is famously known for its anxiety inhibiting, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant nature, has a diuretic effect on our body which helps in reducing blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels up to a maintainable level.

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Arterial plague is the main cause of hypertension, which also causes the heart to pump blood faster leading to high blood pressure. Mint leaves are great in removing the plague to help control the blood pressure.

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The high content of vitamin C is what helps control hypertension and reducing the blood pressure. It also strengthens the heart capillaries making them susceptible to hypertension.

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Celery is enriched with magnesium, potassium and fiber that helps your body regulate the blood pressure and the NBP enzyme in celery helps to reduce the blood pressure making it a healthy green vegetable to have while having heart issues.

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