10 Inspiring and Meaningful Tattoo Designs For Your Wrist!


Getting inked is not something trivial. It is the life-defining moment for those who actually want something meaningful engraved on their skin for a lifetime. But be careful and do the thorough research before getting inked. Because regret will hurt more than the tattoo it will. If you’re a girl, the wrist is the best place to get a tattoo. So if you’re planning to get one, here are few inspiring and meaningful tattoo ideas for the wrist.

1. Semi-Colon Wrist Tattoo
This tattoo has become quite popular lately. This looks artsy and have very deep meaning. It symbolises a reminder to pause. It’s a metaphoric symbol that represents that your story isn’t over yet. You can also add the variations according to your choice. Add a quote or replace the dot with a heart.

Wrist tattoo1

2. Arrow
This represents time and elegance. For archery, you need aim and focus, so other meaning of this tattoo can be interpreted in this way as well. You can also add quotes to your arrows.

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Wrist tattoo2

3. Hamsa Hand
It’s a bohemian symbol and is being quite popular these days. It is just like protecting yourself from the evil powers of the world. You can ink some flowers or ferns to add variations. The size of the tattoo can vary according to your choice and budget.

Wrist tattoo3

4. A Word
You can simply engrave the letters or the word which hold some importance in your life. Like when I was 16 years old, I always found some connection with the word ‘Dauntless’. Similarly, you can find a phrase or a word which perfectly defines you and your life.

Wrist tattoo4

5. Sound Waves
A man engraved the sound waves of her wife’s laughter after she passed away. So touchy and meaningful. You can also engrave your special someone’s heartbeat on your wrist in the form of these sound waves. These tattoos are small but have a deep meaning.

Wrist tattoo5

6. Birds
Okay, the divergent fans must have already googled this tattoo out. They symbolise freedom as you can see the birds are all set to take their flight into the vast sky. Don’t care about what people say, do as your heart says.

Wrist tattoo6

7. Tattoos with Literary Meanings
If you’re a harry potter lover you can get the harry potter’s scar tattoo or any quote from the movie engraved on your wrist. If you’re a book nerd you can get the phrases from your favourite book engraved on your wrist.

Wrist tattoo7

8. Carpe Diem
Seize the moment. That’s what this Latin phrase actually means. Referring to the lifestyle we actually have these days, this phrase suits every single person alive.

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Wrist tattoo8

9. The World Map Tattoo
If you’re a traveller or have this dream of travelling across the countries, then you can represent your dream in the form of this tattoo.

Wrist tattoo9

10. C’est La Vie
Such is Life! This little phrase says a lot about the kind of life we live. We forget to pause and live the moment. This cute tattoo will always remind you to do so.

Wrist tattoo10

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