How To Hide Your Moles With Makeup


Moles can increase the beauty of a face. Though these are considered a beauty mark, but if the number of moles starts to increase then might turn into a concern. Women are very much concerned when it comes to their appearance, thus, the increased number of moles is enough to give them sleepless nights. One of the permanent solution to get rid of moles is through cosmetic surgery, but there are several home remedies which can help you get rid of the moles.

But if you are heading out to a party, then you certainly don’t have the time to get it treated or try out the home remedies, but you can hide these moles with the help of makeup. So today we are going to share with you some makeup tips with the help of which you can easily hide those pesky moles.

How do moles form?

When instead of spreading apart our skin cells start growing in a cluster, it leads to the formation of moles. These moles may further darken after getting exposed to the sunlight.

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1. Use a toner- Before you start with your makeup, it is important that you pay some attention to your skincare as well. So, after cleansing your face, it is very important that you apply toner on your face. For this pour out some toner on a cotton pad and apply it on your face. The toner will get rid of the leftover dirt and grime and will also close the pores thus making your makeup look smoother.

Hide Moles With Makeup1

2. Apply foundation- Now that your pores are closed you can start with the base makeup. So the first thing that you need to start with is the foundation. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. The foundation will cover the moles to some extent, but for complete coverage, you need to use a concealer, which is our next step.

Hide Moles With Makeup2

3. Concealer- So after applying foundation you need to conceal the moles which are still peeking through the foundation. Concealer takes a small concealer brush and with the help of it apply the concealer on the mole. Make sure not to rub the product on the skin. Just use a dabbing motion to apply the concealer onto the mole.

Hide Moles With Makeup3

4. Use colour correctors- Colour correctors are very different from the concealers. Where concealers are flesh toned, colour correctors are coloured such as peach, orange, green, etc. and are used to counteract different skin issues. Since we are discussing moles here, the perfect colour corrector for hiding moles is a yellow corrector. Apply the tiniest amount of the corrector on your mole, followed by your concealer or foundation.

Hide Moles With Makeup4

5. Cream concealer– Cream concealers are a better option when it comes to hiding moles as these are more concentrated and can easily hide the moles without even using any other product.


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