10 Signs And Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism You Should Know!


This medical condition is being observed in more and more women these days. Mostly women are the ones who suffer from this disease. Before telling you about the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, let me brief you about this condition. Hypothyroidism is a condition where our thyroid glands fail to produce enough hormones to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Mostly, middle-aged men and women are affected by hypothyroidism, but these days even the young women are found with this disorder. It is very important to know the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism to get it treated within time.

Have a look at the 10 signs of hypothyroidism.

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1. Fatigue and Weakness
Most of the women who suffer from hypothyroidism complain about fatigue and weakness initially. If you feel tired and worn out even after having sufficient sleep, then you should go for a blood test.

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2. Abrupt Weight Gain
Have you gained a lot of weight lately? Are you not able to lose weight despite the workout and dieting? Hypothyroidism can be one reason. This disorder reduces your basal metabolic rate.

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3. Irregular Periods
If you experience irregular and painful periods then you should see your doctor. If hypothyroidism is not the reason, perhaps there might be some other reasons behind it. They need to be treated anyway.

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4. Dry Hair and Hairfall
Due to the hormonal changes in the body, the hair growth is also hampered. This often results in dry and brittle hair as well as excessive hair loss.

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5. Muscle Cramps and Frequent Pain in Body
The muscles are affected by the inadequate production of hormones by the thyroid glands. The muscles become weak and enlarged. Hence, the person experiences painful muscle spasms and weakness.

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6. Constipation
The hormonal changes which take place during hypothyroidism affect the whole body. It also disturbs the digestive tracts. Hence, the person finds it difficult to digest the food and excrete out the stools.

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7. Depression
Feeling tired and low all the time makes the person fall into depression. Certain hormones produced by the thyroids glands also control the stress level. Hence, the person suffering from hypothyroidism can also suffer from poor mental health.

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8. Irritability
When your body doesn’t work right, it’s obvious to feel irritated on self. The body doesn’t cooperate with the mind, which makes the person irritable.

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9. Memory Loss
The hormone deficiency affects everything in our body. Low hormone levels affect the functioning of our brain as well. This makes it difficult for the brain to remember things and results in memory loss.

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10. Dry and Rough Skin
Those suffering from hypothyroidism can also experience a decline their level of sweating. This makes their skin dull and patchy.

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