10 Smart Tips to Look Slimmer on Your Wedding Day


Every girl dreams to look perfect and slim on her wedding day for which they make a lot of changes in their regular lifestyle. There are also some brides who pre-plan everything in order to look their best on their special day.  But for some of the bride’s thing don’t turn in their favor especially when it comes to weight. So, to tackle this situation we have listed some tips to look slimmer on your wedding day by making a bit changes in the wedding attire.

1. Pick a dark-colored choli

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This tip is a smart option for the brides who are heavy from the top. The dark-colored choli provides a definition and slimming effect to the body. For instance, if you are planning to wear a wedding attire of red then try to pair with contrasting shades like maroon or any other darker shade. This color break will help you to look slim.

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2. Opt for fabrics that are flowy

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Opt for the fabrics like crepes, georgettes, chiffon and avoid outfits made of fabrics like brocade and raw silk as it can make you look broader. So, always try to choose your bridal outfit which has flowy fabrics as it hides your problem and will make you look thin.

3. Choose solid color outfits

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In most of the bridal outfits, prints are very common which makes it harder to give your body a shape. So, instead of prints try to opt for solid colors for your saree, suit or lehenga as it will look well fitted and synchronized.

4. Stick to your color palette

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While choosing your bridal outfit just make sure you stick to a particular color family. This simple tip can make you look perfect. Sticking to particular combinations doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for contrasting colors. It simply means that you should choose colors of bridal attire according to your skin tone  and body type to get the perfect bridal look.

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5. Opt for prints and fine patterns

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If you love prints then make sure you opt for the smaller ones which have less detailing. Choose an outfit which has small fine prints that merge with the base color instead of an outfit which has big floral print.

6. Minimize skin show

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If you are feeling conscious about baring your skin and don’t want to flaunt your midriff lehenga then ditch it. In fact, you can find clever ways to cover your skin without making your outfit look untidy. You can also add fabrics to the areas where your silhouette and blouse would bare some skin, a skin-colored net is a perfect to give you a seamless look.

7. Keep the neckline simple

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The neckline is a very important factor in a bridal outfit. Try to avoid heavy neckline which is closed and collared one as it will make you look short and covered from the top. Always try to keep your neckline simple like a boat and round.

8. Footwear

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Yes, we know that you love wearing heels because they make you look slimmer and taller. But you should always choose the footwear which is comfortable and in which you can walk easily.

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9. Keep a check on embroidery

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It is almost impossible to find a bridal wear without embroidery. And don’t worry they won’t make you look broader. All you need to find a perfect bridal outfit which has a delicate pattern as it will maintain the slimming effect your attire. And try to avoid the one which is big, shiny and jarring.

10. Don’t forget about your makeup and hair

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Your makeup and hair also play a major part in your bridal look. Make sure you opt for a simple makeup and don’t forget to highlight your face well. And keep your hair open to get a slimming effect.

So, these were the few tips to look slimmer on your wedding day.


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