Bridal Look Tips: 6 Tips for a Perfect Bridal Hairstyle



The wedding day is the most special and beautiful day in a person’s life and on this day every bride wants to look perfect. And after selecting the bridal lehenga, it is also important to keep the hairstyle and makeup to the mark. Before finalizing the makeup it is suggested that you should have a trial to choose the one that suits you. While for the hairstyle you need to keep certain things in mind. So, in this article, we have shared some tips for a perfect bridal hairstyle that will help you in choosing the best one according to your bridal look.

1. Choosing the right hairdo

Choosing the right hairdoImage Source: wordpress

The first tip is to choose the bridal hairstyle that you really want. Mostly brides stick to the traditional Judas but with the time brides are also trying out some fun hairstyles for their bridal looks like braids and curls. So, it is the time for you to decide whether you want to stick to the old school styles or want to try something new.

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2. Are you going to wear hair accessory?

 Are you going to wear hair accessory?Image Source: prickprock

This is another point that you should consider before finalizing you bridal hairdo. Always make sure that your hair accessory is going well with your hairdo. You can wear mathapatti if you have finalized open hair for your bridal look or a passa for a side-swept hairdo.

3. Don’t forget to keep the weather in mind

Don't forget to keep the weather in mindImage Source: beautyhealthtips

Just like you choose your bridal outfit according to the weather you should also choose your bridal hairstyle accordingly. For a winter wedding, you can opt for an elaborate hairdo and if you have a wedding during summer then it always better to keep your hair off from the face and shoulders.

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4. Always keep your face shape in mind

Always keep your face shape in mindImage Source: ytimg

Always consult your hair stylist before finalizing the hairdo. If you a round shape then you should avoid flat hairdo and should opt for a hairstyle that adds bounce to your hair. And if you a long face then you should avoid top knots and the hairstyle that adds volume. For a square face, you can opt for waves and curls to get the perfect look.

5. Comfort comes first

Comfort comes firstImage Source: haircutfit

Every bride wants to try something elaborate for her bridal look. But don’t forget you also need to handle the hairdo for 5 hours with the heavy embellished dupatta. So, it is advised always choose comfort over style when it comes to the bridal hairdo.

6. It should compliment your bridal lehenga

It should compliment your bridal lehengaImage Source: blogspot

Make sure that your bridal hairdo goes well with your bridal lehenga. A tight bun with the traditional red lehenga and a messy hair for the light pastel lehenga is perfect. So, before choosing the hairdo, make sure you plan the look in advance and then plan your hairdo, makeup etc.

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So, these were the few tips for a perfect bridal hairstyle.


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